Rainmaker Games’ $RAIN token staking is now live

Get your umbrellas ready. It’s time to make it rain $RAIN tokens now that staking functionality is alive and well.

HODLers of $RAIN tokens can now stake their tokens and earn more as Rainmaker Games is officially launching that functionality. Two types of staking will allow participants to earn $RAIN tokens passively.

There are currently 25 million $RAIN tokens seeded in the reserve fund. The project may increase the amount of $RAIN available in staking pools as tokens begin to vest and unlock from the Community Incentives reserve.

For those looking to get ready to make it rain, here’s a bit more context as to what Rainmaker Games does, how the different types of staking benefit end users, and exactly how easy it is to stake the tokens themselves.

A Bit of Background on Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games ended 2021 with a bang, raising $6.5 million in seed funding to build out a platform where the world plays to earn. The project’s mission is just that. To make it easier for users to participate in the play-to-earn sector of crypto gaming and profit handsomely from it.

Some of the biggest names in venture capital are associated with the project including Polygon and Animoca Brands, the crypto gaming company behind The Sandbox.

With Rainmaker Games having now completed a successful fair token launch via Copper Launch in mid-December, it’s time to give users the opportunity to earn staking rewards in two easy ways.

The Two Ways to Earn $RAIN via Staking

Users interested in staking their $RAIN tokens to support the project can do so using single-side staking and liquidity pool staking.

Staking $RAIN Using Single Side Staking

Using the single-side staking approach, users deposit $RAIN directly into the staking pool and earn staking rewards. The pool will receive 20% of the total daily rewards provided by the staking reserve fund. It’s just that simple!

Staking through Liquidity Pools

Decentralized exchange Uniswap allows users to deposit RAIN-ETH Uniswap LP tokens after adding liquidity to the exchange. This pool receives 80% of the staking rewards dished out by the staking reserve fund.

Users need to know that in order to be eligible to receive the rewards through liquidity pools, deposits must happen using Uniswap V2. Anybody using Uniswap V3 won’t be eligible to earn staking rewards.

The Most Important Details regarding Staking $RAIN

The 25 million $RAIN  tokens in the staking reserve fund come from previously unpurchased tokens from the project’s fair launch event last month.

Rainmaker Games is implementing a linear bonus structure that multiplies the number of token rewards for stakers that lock in their tokens for a set period of time. The longer that period of time, the higher the bonus the user receives. Locked tokens cannot be unlocked once they are staked.

The bonus reward formula is below:

1 (standard weight) + The Amount of Weeks locked/52 weeks = The Time Waited Ratio Being Used

Here’s a small sampling of how the above formula and the bonus multiplier work together to reward stakers.

No bonus — staker does not want to lock their tokens

1.25x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period of 13 weeks

1.5x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period of 26 weeks

1.75x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period of 37 weeks

2x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period of 52 weeks

How to Stake $RAIN Step-By-Step

The first thing users need to do to stake $RAIN tokens is going to the project’s staking portal. They must then connect their MetaMask wallet by clicking the Connect button at the top right-hand corner of the page (support for other wallets not named MetaMask will be coming soon).

Step three involves picking the desired staking pool. Remember that users must use Uniswap V2 to receive staking rewards. Using any other version won’t yield rewards.

Right before users click the Stake button, they can look at the details of the pool selected. Once the Stake button is clicked, users can choose to keep their staking options flexible or lock-in for a set duration to increase the value of their rewards.

RainMaker Games’ Medium blog offers a complete guide for the whole process.

Get your umbrellas ready. It’s time to make it rain $RAIN tokens now that staking functionality is alive and well.

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