Qredo unveils its new self-custody wallet platform

New Qredo is a non-custodial solution which secures users’ digital assets on-chain without the need for users to store private keys.

Today Qredo, a distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) protocol offering enterprise-grade cryptocurrency security and governance solutions, launches its new and improved platform, New Qredo.

Private keys, whether held by a custodian, encrypted on a hardware device, or hidden under your mattress, present a security risk – a single point of failure waiting to be exposed.

New Qredo presents an enterprise-grade solution which the blockchain ecosystem is crying out for, enabling users to retain full custody of digital assets without the risks involved in storing their own private keys. Instead, private keys are distributed in shards across Qredo Network, which is why they say that at Qredo, the Network is the Vault.

Qredo’s leading security provision takes place when users access and sign for transactions from the New Qredo non-custodial wallet, which assembles these disparate shards from across the network to complete the transaction using dMPC technology. At no time is a private key ever held in any one geographic location, greatly mitigating risks such as a private key being obtained or hacked by a third party.

New Qredo boasts enhanced features that prioritize control, compliance and security. 

This begins with more granular control over digital assets, allowing organizations of all sizes to manage team access permissions to suit their needs. This includes the option to create robust security frameworks, define policies governing who has access to assets, the permissions for each team member, and automation of routine actions.

The New Qredo provides a complete bird’s eye view of portfolios with intuitive charts that display balances and assets in a single dashboard. Users will also benefit from Qredo’s new Notification Center.

New Qredo’s capital deployment capabilities were built to keep ahead in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to trade across a wide range of blockchains via market-leading integrations with both MetaMask Institutional and WalletConnect.

All of these features are topped off by New Qredo’s advanced entity management features, built with asset managers in mind. Organizations that manage a wide range of accounts and users can now create workspaces to manage multiple portfolios customized for a variety of investment strategies.

“One of our top priorities at Qredo is to set our users up for success in achieving their business goals. In this industry, that means constantly iterating and improving our platform’s usability and capabilities to meet the changing needs of our users while maintaining our commitment to delivering the highest level of security when it comes to self-custody. 

“We’re thrilled to unveil our much-improved New Qredo platform after many months of hard work to ensure that our product always has its users’ core interests at heart. This is a big leap forward for Qredo, and we’re proud to be able to continue building and serving the wider blockchain community.”
Qredo CEO Anthony Foy

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