Qredo integrates with Caduceus to provide metaverse-ready wallet infrastructure

Qredo, a decentralized digital asset management infrastructure, and product suite integrate with Caduceus to bring decentralized custody to the metaverse blockchain.

Caduceus will use Qredo for treasury management; including storing funds from investors and making instant cross-chain swaps, and managing assets on their own EVM-compatible blockchain. Qredo’s unique crystallization mechanism will also enable Caduceus to mint assets using collateral secured by decentralized MPC.

Qredo’s integration with Caduceus is based on a shared commitment to decentralized, community-owned infrastructure, and creating greater user autonomy in the blockchain space without compromising on security and privacy.

“Qredo provides the secure interoperability that is essential to realizing the promise of the metaverse to unify blockchain economies in a single immersive experience,” says Qredo Head of Strategic Partnerships, Ben Whitby. “By using Qredo Wallets, Caduceus is able to underpin their development efforts with secure custodial infrastructure built specifically for the cross-chain universe” continued Whitby.

“Qredo decentralized custody offers a uniquely secure way to store and instantly transfer assets across chains. This infrastructure gives us complete independent control, plus functionality for treasury management and asset issuance, says Caduceus CTO, Matt McQuire.”

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