Precision Imaging Centers, HALO Diagnostics partner to meet patient demand for personalized healthcare in northeast Florida

Patients in Northeast Florida are ready for a new kind of healthcare. By partnering with men’s and women’s health leader HALO Diagnostics, Precision Imaging Centers is ready to meet that need.

Precision Imaging Centers, a multi-specialty radiology practice, announces a pioneering partnership with HALO Diagnostics, a market leader in men’s and women’s health. Together, they answer a critical need in Northeast Florida: personalized, prompt, and patient-first care that makes earlier detection of top diseases and better treatment plans possible.

Florida’s First Coast has long had few healthcare options. Patients face long screening times, unnecessary callbacks, and increased costs at area hospital systems. In the age of the Internet, patients are educating themselves and calling for better, more customized care.

For 15 years, Precision Imaging has provided a reliable alternative, with high-quality imaging and same-day diagnoses. Joining forces with HALO Diagnostics puts Precision Imaging on the path to becoming Northeast Florida’s preferred healthcare provider, with services costing as little as half the price of area hospitals.

“We’re building the leading outpatient healthcare facility in Northeast Florida,” says Josh Hammond, CEO of Precision Imaging. “Patients here deserve a new kind of healthcare. By partnering with HALO, we can provide unparalleled care to patients when screening and diagnosing breast, prostate, cardiovascular, and neurological conditions.”

Cydney Kim, General Manager, Florida at HALO Diagnostics, shares Hammond’s vision.

“Each patient is unique – from their genes and environment to their conditions and treatments. Our team at Precision Imaging Centers powered by HALO Diagnostics truly understands the importance of precision-focused healthcare – and has the technology to make that happen.

Our state-of-the-art equipment ranks in the top 99th percentile and reduces scan times by five-fold in some cases. Very few providers offer this technology.”

By joining forces, Precision Imaging and HALO Diagnostics are transforming healthcare in several ways, including:

  • Pioneering prostate program: One of the fastest-growing programs at Precision, with an advanced diagnostic ensemble that detects prostate cancer at a 99.6% rate. The same technology will soon be available for breast, cardiovascular, and brain health.
  • Advanced breast imaging: Early detection is the standard at Precision, with 3D mammography catching 41% more invasive breast cancers. Dr. Kathryn Pearson, an expert breast radiologist with 25 years of experience, leads this innovative program.

“We’re saving patients’ lives through precision diagnostics,” Hammond explains. “At the same time, we truly understand the distress a possible cancer or cardiac diagnosis brings. We believe in making their experience as stress-free as possible. Patients have given Precision nearly 60 5-star reviews in the last month.”

Marissa Trojnar, Director of Marketing at Precision Imaging, was one of those patients.

“I’m a breast cancer survivor because of Precision Imaging Centers,” Trojnar proclaims. “I quickly received the care and compassion I needed – all services at one center with one radiologist. The team here is phenomenal. Before going to the breast surgeon, I already had answers. By detecting my cancer early, Precision helped me to survive and thrive.”

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