Play anything, for something – Lucra launches 100+ recreational games

We all have that one friend…who swears that they can beat you at, well, anything. Sometimes we disagree.

What then?

We started Lucra as a social way for fans to compete with friends. We set out to amplify the magic of sports by letting you put a lil’ skin in the game. We hope to create shared experiences for friends while rooting for their favorite team or player.  

And now, we are taking things one step further by allowing fans not just to spectate but to participate! You heard us; get up off yo seats and get in the game!

We are so excited to share that, as of today, Lucra users can now compete on:

the professional sports they watch AND the recreational games they play.

Our new feature, “Games You Play,” allows fans to challenge their friends for REAL MONEY on over 100+ recreational games (think bar games, board games, video games, yard games, fitness challenges, recreational sports, and more).

Most importantly, we keep score for you, so you always know who’s got bragging rights!

From your morning golf round to your July 4th corn hole match, onto a Saturday evening Mario Kart race and into an after-party beer pong game, you can now play (almost) anything, for something on Lucra.

Whether you are an avid gamer, a casual sports fan, or a serious competitor, there is a place for you at Lucra. We are redefining friendly competition.

We always keep score, so you don’t have to.

We transfer your money, so you don’t need to request it.

We find your opponent, so you don’t have to search.

What DO you have to do? It’s simple. Compete. Win. Brag.

Click here to download Lucra today and join our community of competitors already challenging their friends.

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