PlaceIQ News: PlaceIQ’s Mobile Location Data Now Available On Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point

PlaceIQ the company building a new model of consumer behavior with location data and insights, today announced that its intelligence is now available to Bloomberg Data License clients via Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. Bloomberg clients will now be able to layer in the complexities of foot traffic into their analysis for a fuller picture of consumer behavior and trends. The dataset provided by PlaceIQ will offer coverage for over 400 brands and 250+ tickers across six key verticals.

PlaceIQ’s ready-to-use dataset allows analysts to understand retail health and competition, account for changing traffic patterns, and monitor performance alongside ongoing shopper reemergence. By integrating mobile foot traffic metrics into their preferred tools, analysts can connect online and offline behavior at a time when businesses need up-to-date insights most.

To make location data a more user-friendly component for financial analysis, the dataset incorporates the Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI), an established global standard for financial assets, allowing analysts to consistently measure foot traffic connected to ticker symbols, and other data components such as retail receipts, sensor data, and more.

“The adoption of location data as part of a holistic data strategy has expanded beyond marketing and advertising use cases,” said Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder, PlaceIQ. “As the market matures, we’re excited to be working with Bloomberg to meet that demand in a way that is accurate, actionable, and delivers value for more categories.”

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