Pipe launches embedded capital-as-a-service to make funding more accessible to millions of SMBs

Partners Include Payment Facilitators Priority, Infinicept, and Boulevard; Pipe Secures Capital to Deploy Over $ 1 Billion to SMBs

Pipe, the modern capital platform for fast, frictionless, dilution-free funding, today announced a significant business expansion to make growth capital available to a much broader range of businesses, including the millions of SMBs that have historically struggled to get traditional financing.

The expansion is powered by the launch of Pipe’s embedded Capital-as-a-Service solution for vertical ISVs and payment companies.  This allows SMBs to access Pipe’s capital offers inside of the software and payment systems they’re already using, and gives partners a new way to monetize payments while better serving their end merchants. Pipe’s new offering supports its mission, funding businesses beyond recurring revenue to include predictable, charge-based revenue across a wide range of vertical markets, stages, and sizes. 

Initial partners in Pipe’s embedded finance program include Priority, a leading payments and banking solutions provider that helps businesses take and make payments and monetize payment networks, Infinicept, a leading provider of embedded payments, and Boulevard, creator of the client experience platform purpose-built for appointment-based, self-care businesses.  Pipe’s embedded offering already touches over 800,000 merchants, addressing over $100 billion in gross payment volume (GPV), giving Pipe the opportunity to become one of the largest alternative financiers for SMBs.    

“Our mission is to change how any size company manages their money, and offering our customers access to funding through Pipe is a seamless and powerful extension of that mission that will change how they conduct business. I am excited to work with Pipe to unlock growth for every entrepreneur who wants to build a great business,” said Thomas Priore, Chairman and CEO of Priority.

To expand the funding available for SMBs, Pipe is partnering with two major capital providers, which collectively enable Pipe to fund more than $1 billion in originations annually allowing Pipe to serve hundreds of thousands of small businesses who currently lack access to capital through traditional channels.

How it works                                                                                                              

Pipe’s new Capital-as-a-Service offering allows payment processors to easily launch a capital product without the complexity, risk, and resources involved in building it in-house. Through Pipe’s infrastructure and APIs, partners can embed Pipe’s proven capital offering into their own ecosystem seamlessly, improving merchant experience and monetizing payments in a mutually beneficial way. End merchants can then access capital easily, based on their secure transaction data from the partner platform, bypassing many of the hurdles of traditional financing. This structure has the potential to extend capital access to tens of millions of small businesses through these partnerships, while Pipe’s direct offering also remains available through Pipe.com.

“Many of these small and mid-market businesses have had limited access to traditional capital, which prevents them from growing. There’s a clear need for more speed and accessibility in financial services. Using live transaction data, we can assess the health of these businesses and give them access to capital in a much simpler and more user-friendly way. By partnering with Pipe to offer an embedded capital solution, PayFacs, and ISVs can now give their merchants ongoing access to capital on the platforms they use day-to-day., “ said Luke Voiles, CEO of Pipe. 

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