named one of ‘Best Productivity Apps powered by AI you need in 2021’ list

AI-powered productivity apps can automate your workload and give you more time for your creative tasks. Here are some of the best ones!

AI or Artificial Intelligence isn’t a mere buzzword anymore. A significant number of apps already include AI technology. When it comes to using AI, productivity tools aren’t running behind compared to other apps. Here are some of the best productivity applications that use AI to make tasks easy for you.

  1. is a virtual meeting assistant and bot that helps you in managing online meetings. The company developed an AI-based algorithm that continuously learns from your actions and tasks.

It’s one of the best note-taking apps for hybrid and remote meetings. You don’t even have to miss any video calls, as the app can take your place during a meeting.

The highest-ranking video meeting apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, etc., don’t offer AI bots. Moreover, transcription and captioning features in these apps are at a basic level. can enhance your experience with these meeting apps through advanced integration modules.

What’s fascinating to know is that the app offers a free subscription to individual users. The free-to-use plan allows live transcribing, meeting recording, playback recording, record searching, inserting comments, and highlighting sections.

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