Omnichannel payment platform Qolo and campus wallet Phood partner to innovate college dining plans, bringing food directly to student’s doors

The newly launched mobile app allows for increased choice and flexibility to modernize the confines of existing meal plans

Qolo, the omnichannel payments platform for Fintech, today announced a landmark partnership with Phood, a mobile wallet that provides college students with greater flexibility, convenience and diversity with their dining options, including groceries and other convenience items.

Qolo will provide the critical infrastructure and payments processing for Phood’s wallet, supporting all transactions. Qolo recently became end-point certified to support Phood’s integration with the Discover Global Network in September of this year.

“Innovating in archaic systems like college dining requires future-minded companies like Qolo and Phood who can both think creatively and move nimbly,” said Patricia Montesi, Qolo CEO. “The opportunity to mitigate current dining constraints and also contribute to enhancing local economies is an exciting prospect and we’re thrilled to partner with a pioneer like Phood, under Alex’s leadership. This innovative approach is simply another example of the limitless potential of the Fintech industry.”

Launched earlier this year, Phood is now active on four college campuses and continues to grow. It is the first student wallet that can be used for both on- and off-campus dining, allowing students the option to use their meal plan dollars to order food from popular delivery apps like DoorDash. Bridging the gap between campus and public dining, Phood integrates into a university’s dining services at no cost, creating new revenue for both the university and its surrounding community.

“Phood allows students the ability to do something that has never been done before — use their campus dining and meal plans more than just on-campus,” ​​said Alex Parmley, Co-founder and CEO of Phood. “So much about campus life has changed in recent years, but very little within the college system has changed to accommodate it. Now, backed by the support of Qolo, Phood is providing new infrastructure for students to match the ways they are living, and eating, today.”

According to Phood’s research, students on college campuses already use food delivery apps 3-5 times a week. Phood’s integration with Qolo will dramatically scale the ability of universities to participate and benefit from that market. 

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