Media Sourcery extends X-Chain and rules engine solutions on the Helium network

Integrating IoT devices from The People’s Network provides key ingredients for vegetation management, regenerating agriculture, proof of recycling, and other solutions

Workflow automation and security software solutions provider Media Sourcery, Inc. today announced its partnership with Helium, The People’s Network, and announces the release of an updated version of its ETA (Events-Triggers-Actions) rules engine in support of multiple IoT sensors that utilize the Helium Network.

“Our Rules Engine has been integrated with personal health devices and safety devices for several years, and our X-Chain product uses distributed public ledger blockchain technologies to provide transparency,” said Larry Ketchersid, CEO of Media Sourcery. “Our partnership with Helium gives the best of both of those worlds – inexpensive data transport for a wide variety of devices, and the transparency of the Helium blockchain to provide proof of data origination and path.”

With its partners, Media Sourcery is integrating sensor data into several solutions, including vegetation management, regenerative agriculture monitoring, proof of recycling, and proof of delivery and handling. Several types of sensors are already in use with Media Sourcery’s ETA Rules Engine, including those that monitor temperature, location, line of sight, capacity, soil moisture, and soil electrical conductivity.

As with the health and safety devices used with the ETA Rules Engine, sensors are designed to trigger customizable actions, such as notifications and alerts. Integrations for other applications (solar radiation, CO2, air quality, line of sight, soil pH) are currently in development using sensors from companies such as Dragino, KS Technologies, and DECENTLab.

For businesses like Everpoint Services, a leading energy solutions firm, Media Sourcery’s compatibility with Helium represents a competitive advantage and increased ROI for vegetation management and more.

“Our ability to monitor vegetation height, solar radiation, air particles and CO2 allows us to not only provide just-in-time services to our customers but to also collect and share meaningful data and trends,” said Tyler Goodell, CEO of Everpoint Services.

In addition, Everpoint Services will be utilizing sensors through Media Sourcery’s subsidiary AuthentiLine to provide “proof of recycling” for wind turbine recycling. This initiative will ultimately allow certification based on sensor and blockchain ledger data.

“We are excited to partner with companies like Media Sourcery, whose goal of increasing social, environmental, and economic equity supports the mission of The People’s Network,” said Frank Mong, COO of Helium.

For other Media Sourcery customers, Helium compatibility brings supply chain transparency that is more imperative than ever. As businesses are increasingly called on to demonstrate that products are responsible and sustainable, technologies that provide transparency are essential.

Media Sourcery partner and CGO of Regennabis, Geoff Trotter, knows this well, “With the emergence of practices such as regenerative agriculture, no matter the crop, technologies that provide supply chain transparency are essential. Media Sourcery and Helium are to be applauded for democratizing access to technologies while providing new building blocks for other regenerative industries.”

As climate change continues to proliferate, global organizations like the UN are getting on board with IoT’s part in regenerative agriculture and supply chain transparency.

“We are thrilled to have Media Sourcery deliver a Keynote Address highlighting their ground-breaking work in regenerative agriculture at our event to be held at the UN in New York on 5th May. With the ecosystem ‘in-the-room’, we will see how building on the Helium Network enables us to deliver social, environmental, and economic impact to global communities,” said Trotter.

This sentiment is shared by other Media Sourcery users as well, such as Nature Key’s CEO, Nathan Richter. “Media Sourcery’s forthcoming solution to monitor regenerative farming, while expanding the Helium Network, will facilitate and promote best practices that will enhance the quality of sustainable farming operations,” said Richter.

Everpoint Services, Regennabis and Nature Key join a growing list of Media Sourcery customers who are eager to use technology compatible with Helium. From health care entities to farmers, solutions are changing the world for the better while enabling future innovation.

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