Luminoso appoints proven leader Mark Zides as new CEO, eyes expansion in AI and Data Marketplace

Technology analytics company powered by NLU and AI hires Mark Zides as CEO and sets strategy to scale company through client growth and strategic partnerships

Luminoso Technologies, a natural language AI engine that allows companies to see their unstructured text in a new light and make impactful business decisions faster, more accurately and without bias, introduces new CEO, Mark Zides. This is only the start of what the company projects to be an imminent success across multiple industries and strategic partnerships.

Founded out of the MIT Media Lab in 2010, Luminoso builds text analytics products for analyzing open-ended text data like survey responses, customer and employee feedback, support tickets, and reviews.

Mark Zides has been a global leader with expertise in strategic advisory & professional services, client development & partnership channels, entrepreneurship, enterprise sales in SaaS and EdTech software for over 30 years. He was hired to set a new vision, scale and grow the existing business into new markets, business domains, and clients.

Luminoso’s text analytics products, driven by QuickLearn, is a natural language understanding AI that helps businesses shed a brighter light on the growing mounds of unstructured text data. From product reviews, survey responses, social data, to support interactions, Luminoso delivers actionable insights in minutes, with no training or human bias.

Mark Zides recognizes the prominence of AI in today’s world and feels strongly about Luminoso’s position in the market considering how long the company has been around.

“I am both honored and humbled to step into the role of CEO and join forces with Luminoso, a visionary AI software company. Their cutting-edge capabilities in natural language processing and machine learning have already positioned them as industry leaders. Together, we will redefine the boundaries of what’s possible, leveraging AI to create a brighter and more intelligent future for businesses worldwide. I am excited to contribute my expertise and leadership to this remarkable team as we embark on this transformative journey,” Zides said.

The global text analytics market is projected to grow to $9.4Bn by 2030. According to Zides, he feels confident that his unique ability to build a GTM strategy and execute toward driving revenue through new client acquisitions, and partnerships within the AI and Data marketplace will enable Luminoso to build upon its legacy and transform the industry.

One of Luminoso’s board members, Jim Jordan, believes Mark is the right leader for Luminoso. “Mark has repeatedly shown his ability to build and scale organizations across a diverse set of industries. Mark’s leadership experience and extensive business development skills will help Luminoso strengthen its channel partnerships, strategic alliances and expand its overall sales presence and brand recognition. We are excited to see the continued progress over the coming quarters,” Jordan said.

Luminoso has firmly established their presence in the world of AI and text analytics. Luminoso clients recognize how tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating sifting through text data can become. They leverage Luminoso’s solutions to genuinely comprehend the voice of their customers, employees, products, and the market to propel vital business strategies and decisions. Currently working with many Fortune 1000 companies, Luminoso’s revolutionary text analysis platform sheds light on their storyful data and transforms it into actionable insights in mere minutes.

Clients like athenahealth, Hilton and Denso are not only seeing what respondents are saying, but how and why they are saying it; saving them time and money, allowing them to make more measurable changes.

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