Liteboxer VR unveils a free subscription model to bring boxing into the metaverse for all

The At-Home Fitness Company Is The First to Offer a Free VR Workout

Liteboxer VR, the most immersive boxing experience in the Metaverse, today announced its Freemium subscription model. Users can now experience the most intense cardio VR workout with no cost associated, marking Liteboxer VR as the first at-home fitness company to provide a free workout experience in the Metaverse. The free subscription gives users access to a curated selection of workouts and music to give you a taste of the Liteboxer VR experience. Download for free today in the Meta Quest store.

Since launching Liteboxer VR in March, the brand has experienced massive traction with over over 200,000 downloads of Liteboxer VR. Users have clocked in 150,000 workouts since March and over 28 million punches have been thrown. Liteboxer expects to hit half a million downloads by summer. Liteboxer VR leaves users dripping in sweat as they unleash their inner boxer – no boxing equipment needed, just a Meta Quest. Liteboxer VR uses hand tracking, so you can exercise with or without controllers. There are more than 400 workouts, including 300 trainer classes and 100 Punch Tracks, which are on-demand songs from Universal Music’s catalog with pre-programmed patterns for you to punch to the beat. The best part about Liteboxer? It feels more like a game compared to a dreaded workout. It’s more like e-sports than a fitness class that keeps users coming back for more.

“VR fitness is what’s next for connected fitness and at-home workouts. We’re seeing sales spike since a Meta Quest is more affordable to purchase compared to a Peloton, Hydrow, Mirror – even Liteboxer,” said Jeff Morin, CEO of Liteboxer. “This was a huge driving factor for launching the free subscription model. We want to democratize working out for all and we believe working out in the Metaverse is the next big thing.”

In addition to the Freemium subscription model, Liteboxer has added these features to the app:

Mitt Drills Feature: For the first time in VR you can work out and interact with a real-life trainer. For the entirety of your workout get coached by Liteboxer’s best-in-class trainers. No more trainer cameos and no more voice-overs. Liteboxer is bringing your favorite trainers right into your home to coach you every step of the way.

Challenges Feature: Head-to-head matches now let you challenge other Liteboxers to beat your score. Complete a Punch Track, Trainer Class, Mitt Drills, or Sparring Session and challenge others to a match from the results.

On the heels of Meta announcing major improvements to Quest 2’s controllerless hand-tracking capability, Liteboxer VR is at the forefront of the hand tracking upgrade. Key highlights of Liteboxer’s hand tracking development in collaboration with Meta:

Users can hold other objects like egg weights to make their workout more intense, which is a more natural way to work out and less sweaty. It’s also now easy to do direct object manipulation in the app with your own fingers.

The future of Liteboxer VR will not only offer boxing workouts but other types of full-body workouts such as bodyweight movements – sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jackets.

For more information on Liteboxer, visit or download Liteboxer VR for free today at the Meta Quest 2 store.

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