Liteboxer Steps Into The Ring To Deliver An Unbeatable At-Home Fitness Experience

Fitness technology startup Liteboxer launches today with a first-of-its-kind fitness platform that brings the excitement of the boxing ring into the home. Now available for pre-order, Liteboxer combines breakthrough technology and expert training for a full-body boxing workout that builds cardio, strength, and mental acuity.

Liteboxer features a hardware solution that reimagines the punching bag. The free-standing device is portable and doesn’t require sand, water or a suspension apparatus. Instead, LED illuminated runway lights, targets, and force sensors combine to simulate the action of sparring with a trainer.

“We built Liteboxer from the ground up to provide users with an engaging and complete workout that brings the exhilaration of boxing into the home,” said CEO and co-founder Jeff Morin. “The challenge was merging hardware that can take a punch with advanced electronics, software and online personal training in a sleek, portable and affordable package.”

Music is integral to Liteboxer, which leverages rhythm technology and choreographed boxing combinations to keep users constantly on their toes through its beat-based programming. Punch combinations and increasing speeds are designed to deliver intense physical benefits while strengthening mental acuity and coordination. Using scientifically proven game dynamics and motivational techniques, Liteboxer is able to improve engagement and deliver superior results.

Liteboxer’s workouts, led by world-renowned trainers including Leyon Azubuike, are available on-demand through Liteboxer’s App. Users can select the type of workout, duration, difficulty, Liteboxer’s App also provides access to functional strength training and recovery workouts such as Yoga to complement a boxing training regime.

Programs designed for shorter bursts of effort complement Liteboxer’s trainer-led offerings. Training Camp is a song-by-song ladder that builds skill, strength, and agility. Community members can also build their own playlists or punch to a single song from Liteboxer’s extensive music library. Users can strive for personal bests, climb the Liteboxer leaderboard, challenge friends and engage in the Community of Liteboxers.

“We created Liteboxer to give fitness-seekers the benefits of boxing training in the comfort and convenience of their homes,” says Liteboxer Chairman and Co-Founder Todd Dagres. “To accomplish this mission we built a world class team of technologists, fitness experts, boxing instructors, and investors.”

Liteboxer was co-founded by Spark Capital Founder Todd Dagres and is backed by former NFL Player Isaiah Kacyvenski’s early stage fund Will Ventures. Liteboxer’s investors span professional sports and emerging technology, with Will Ventures leading the round and Raptor Capital (founded by AS Roma Soccer Team and Boston Celtics Owner Jim Pallotta), Camros Capital (founded by serial technology entrepreneur Parviz Tayabati) and Paul Santinelli, a US Rugby Board Member, participating.

“At Will Ventures, we are hyper-focused on identifying the next wave of sports-centric innovations, and championing the human spirit and willpower,” said Will Ventures Founder Isaiah Kacyvenski. “We believe Liteboxer is uniquely positioned to lead a new category in connected fitness by delivering a platform merging game dynamics, music technology, and expert boxing training to the consumer.”

Currently available for pre-order with units shipping in August, Liteboxer retails for $1,495 with financing available following the pre-order time period. A premium subscription is available for $29/month, offering new programmatic training sessions, music, and competitions on a regular basis. For more information on Liteboxer and to experience the new at-home boxing device, visit

About Liteboxer
Liteboxer is a revolutionary connected fitness platform that brings the excitement of the boxing ring to your home. It is a full-body fitness product based on boxing training that combines advanced technology, music, and expert training in one platform. Liteboxer uses scientifically proven game dynamics and motivational experiences to improve engagement and deliver higher performance and superior results. With an innovative design that is sleek and highly functional, Liteboxer was designed to eliminate the need for a bulky, heavy bag and incorporates music and rhythm technology, innovative electronics and expert training to provide a first of its kind interactive boxing workout experience.

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