Kashable and BrightDime launch new partnership to offer free financial coaching to over 170,000 employees throughout the United States

Benefits Leaders Join Forces to Enhance Financial Security for Millions of Working Americans

Kashable, a fintech platform that provides Socially Responsible Credit™ and financial wellness solutions as an employer-sponsored voluntary benefit, and BrightDime®, a trusted partner that provides a real-time 360-degree view of individuals’ holistic financial picture, have announced a new partnership. This partnership aims to provide access to personalized financial coaching and money management tools. At inception, the program will be implemented across 50 companies, including IKEA, Chobani, and Nasdaq, covering over 170,000 employees.

According to a recent study, 86% of employees indicated that they’re stressed about finances, directly impacting their overall health and performance at work. Having access to financial literacy and coaching tools is crucial to lowering stress and empowering employees to manage their finances effectively and achieve long-term financial stability and security.

Beginning today, employees who have access to Kashable’s Financial Wellness Program will also have access to free financial coaching sessions and other educational resources from BrightDime.

“By investing in financial coaching tools for their employees, employers are not just enhancing individual financial well-being; they’re building a more resilient, productive, and engaged workforce,” said Einat Steklov, co-CEO and co-founder of Kashable. “This partnership showcases the ability of employers to support employees who are struggling with debt, lack of emergency funds and are managing unanticipated high inflation rates.”

Adding BrightDime’s financial coaching marks a significant stride in empowering employees with the tools they need to enhance and prioritize their financial wellness and security. Through one-on-one and on-demand financial coaching, employees receive support during challenging financial circumstances. This guidance is essential in navigating important financial decisions, enabling employees to stride confidently toward financial independence and well-being.

“Kashable and BrightDime’s integration will be revolutionary, assisting organizations in increasing productivity, optimizing benefits decisions, and continuing to attract and retain top talent. We’re looking forward to expanding access to our educational resources to over 250 employers working with Kashable,” said David Stedman, CEO and founder of BrightDime.

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