IPwe announces the Blockchain Smart Pool

The Blockchain Innovation Program encourages adoption and innovation while protecting SMEs and other players in the Blockchain Ecosystem

At the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC 2022) in Miami, Florida, IPwe, Inc. announced the launch of the Blockchain Smart Pool.

Innovators who have invested heavily in blockchain technology are now facing decisions on how to encourage adoption, maximize their blockchain business opportunities and best generate a return on the investment they made in blockchain innovation. The Blockchain Smart Pool is designed to permit innovative leaders in blockchain technology to make their technology available to other participants in the blockchain industry and particularly SMEs that then can be built on and improved upon.

Many companies around the world are now looking for a concrete application of blockchain technology to their businesses. According to Deloitte, a strong acceleration of blockchain projects brought into production by companies has taken place in recent years: a jump from 23% in 2019 to 39% in 2020. 85% of executives in large organizations acknowledge the fact that their suppliers, customers and competitors are working on blockchain solutions for challenges in the value chains that now serve their organization.

IPwe realized that blockchain represents a distinct opportunity for corporations of all kinds. For SMEs, in particular, blockchain can help overcome size-related challenges, reduce transaction costs, improve efficiency in processes and quality in products, and spur innovation in business models. SMEs may expect to see a total transformation of how they do business. Thanks to IPwe, blockchain’s widespread adoption has just begun.

IPwe’s Smart Pools are formed in emerging technology areas, where adoption is in its earliest phases. This can help to build an environment of adoption, innovation, and cooperation: a single license to a broad patent portfolio that encourages implementers to adopt these new technologies. IPwe’s role in this regard is to act as the pool administrator. By facilitating the right “Founders” for the pool with important innovations to offer the world and leveraging the IPwe platform to offer standardized licensing terms at the lowest rates available, IPwe ensures that the Members get added benefits that help improve their innovation and protect them from abusive patent practices.

IPwe will be announcing the initial Founders and a multitude of Members in the coming days.

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