IPwe announces LiDAR Smart Pool

IPwe, a one-stop innovation platform for licensing emerging technologies, announced the LiDAR Smart Pool today, to encourage the adoption of LiDAR technology.

IPwe has already launched three other Smart Pools in blockchain, metaverse, and digital link technologies, with over 200 members in just 3 months, representing unprecedented growth in the intellectual property space. Smarts Pools are a cost-effective approach for small players in emerging technologies such as SMEs and start-ups, to expedite technology licensing that is traditionally done on a bespoke and non-transparent basis.

The LiDAR Smart Pool is simple: the Founders, leaders in the LiDAR technology space, contribute licensing rights to selected patents to the pool, and Members join and are free to build on these key innovations to further enhance adoption and greater economic opportunity.

The first Founder for the LiDAR Smart Pool is Madrid-based SkanSense, led by Founder and CEO, Cristina P. Magnusson. “The LiDAR Smart Pool is a tremendous opportunity for innovative companies like SkanSense. The process was simple and the first contact with IPwe to launch took less than two weeks. I will be working closely with the IPwe team to select key players In the LiDAR ecosystem, such as SMEs and larger innovators, and engage them in the Smart Pool as Founders and Members. LiDAR technology is entering a critical phase of adoption with applications in multiple industries and I look forward to leading this effort,” said Ms. Magnusson.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technology that employs light in the form of a pulsed laser and a highly accurate method to measure distances, enabling improvements in everyday life like detailed mapping for autonomous vehicles, robotic vehicles, consumer goods and multiple other applications. IPwe believes that the LiDAR Smart Pool will enable adoption and further innovation, accelerating the global LiDAR market, which was valued at $1.5 billion in 2020, to its projected $7 billion by 2027.

“We strongly believe that essential technologies should be publicly available to everyone rather than being locked away in patents,” says Erich Spangenberg, IPwe’s CEO. “With our Smart Pools, IPwe has been at the forefront of what it means to unlock innovation for all, and we are thrilled to be able to do so in another technology industry, LiDAR technology.”

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