IPwe announces ESG Smart Pool

Innovation leader announces new Smart Pool for technology with a positive impact on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors

After the World Intellectual Property Organization shortlisted IPwe’s open innovation pool for ESG technologies for their World Intellectual Property Day 2022 contest, IPwe has officially unveiled the ESG Smart Pool. The ESG Smart Pool is a technology-enabled patent pool aimed to improve humanity’s essential needs, reduce ecological footprints, and improve global living standards through environmental, social, and governance-related innovation.

“The ESG Smart Pool is a tremendous opportunity for companies with a strong mission for ESG innovation to succeed. Traditionally, the exclusivity associated with intellectual property is often viewed as a barrier to new technology development and as an impediment to innovation. In areas related to ESG technology that are combatting the negative effects of climate change, intellectual property must instead be a driver for innovation”, said Lavinia Meliti, IPwe’s Global Head of Business Development.

The ESG Smart Pool represents IPwe’s mission to support innovation in emerging technologies, with already more than 250 members across IPwe’s Smart Pools in less than four months. IPwe believes that the innovation system must become more inclusive to solve pressing environmental needs by supporting those who are dealing with the adverse effects of climate change already and who are developing novel solutions to lessen or counter the effects of climate change effectively. In order to encourage ESG-related innovation among these individuals, who are often disadvantaged when it comes to accessing research and development resources and cutting-edge technology, IPwe is launching the ESG Smart Pool, to promote the advancement of technologies with a positive impact on environmental, social, and governance factors.

Smarts Pools are a cost-effective approach for such disadvantaged individuals in emerging technologies such as SMEs and start-ups, to expedite technology licensing that is traditionally done on a bespoke and non-transparent basis. The ESG Smart Pool is simple: the Founders, leaders in various ESG-related technologies, contribute licensing rights of their selected patents to the pool, and Members join and are free to build on these key innovations to further enhance adoption and greater economic opportunity.

“We strongly believe that open access to ESG intellectual property can generate innovative incentives for change,” says Erich Spangenberg, IPwe’s CEO. “With the ESG Smart Pool, it is now simpler than ever for SMEs and large enterprise to improve their ESG standards”.

IPwe will be announcing the initial Founders and a multitude of Members in the coming days. Interested companies can contact IPwe via our website at https://www.ipwe.com/ or email us at support@ipwe.com.

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