IPwe announces advanced Track and Trace as an initial founder in IPwe’s Digital Link Smart Pool

The Digital Link Smart Pool gives SMEs and enterprises access to critical digital link technologies to promote innovation and adoption

Advanced Track and Trace (ATT) joins MOBILEAD as an initial Founder of IPwe’s Digital Link Smart Pool by contributing 35 granted patents. With over 5 million barcodes scanned daily, access to the combined assets of MOBILEAD and ATT is a paradigm shift for any enterprise that utilizes barcode technology. Digital link and GS1 standard technologies, that are used across 25 different industries, simplify product packaging through a single, globally-recognized code that is compatible for use among consumers, point-of-sale, and the supply chain as a whole.

“IPwe has worked extensively to unlock intellectual property hindrances that affect supply chain inefficiencies and security,” said Erich Spangenberg, Chief Executive Officer at IPwe. “In the very near future, we will announce additional Founders that will contribute additional technology to promote digital link innovation and adoption and announce a significant number of companies joining as Members to secure this advantage. With MOBILEAD and ATT’s contributions to the Digital Link Smart Pool, the Smart Pool is off to an excellent start and will only improve with time. Through MOBILEAD’s and ATT’s leadership as the initial Founders, the IPwe Digital Link Smart Pool and IPwe technology terms, that were unheard of in prior patent pools, are now available, including permitting SMEs with annual revenue under $1 million to join the Digital Link Smart Pool at no annual cost”.

Smart Pools provide both patent holders (Founders) and implementers (Members) with the tools they need to make the most of their portfolios. By facilitating the right Founders for the pool with important innovations to offer the world and leveraging the IPwe Platform to offer standardized licensing terms at the lowest rates available, IPwe ensures that the Members get added benefits that help improve their innovation and protect them from abusive litigation practices.

“The contributions from MOBILEAD and ATT represent the opportunity for innovation by claiming the most basic aspects of the digital link technology regarding encoding as well as code and tag verification, while also protecting other relevant inventions such as disclosing code and tag security features. Through the Digital Link Smart Pool, Members can easily secure key protections for the implementation of this innovative technology now as well as for its ensuing developments”, says Raul Diaz Morales, Vice President of Smart Services at IPwe.

“We are elated to become a Founder of IPwe’s Digital Link Smart Pool. This new venture, using our most relevant patents, together with MOBILEAD, will facilitate access to the brand ecosystem, enabling SMEs and enterprises to secure QR Code reading with the most efficient digital technology from ATT,” says Jérôme Pichot, President of Advanced Track and Trace.

“Widespread adoption of a standard is only possible with the involvement and commitment of standards bodies, industry partners, manufacturers and intellectual property rights holders. Based on several relevant patents, the Digital Link Smart Pool offers a unique framework in the field of interactive packaging – not only granting the freedom to operate but also offering defensive benefits to protect brand owners.”, explains Laurent Tonnelier, MOBILEAD’s President.

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