ImaginAb and Quibim partner to revolutionize immune status diagnosis and immunotherapy prediction

This ground-breaking collaboration will enhance accuracy and efficiency of immunotherapy response for improved patient outcomes

ImaginAb Inc., a global biotechnology company developing 89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam (CD8 ImmunoPETTM) imaging agent and radiopharmaceutical therapies (RPT), and Quibim, a global company born with the ambition of transforming imaging data into actionable predictions, are pleased to announce their new collaboration. Together, the two partners aim to revolutionize immunotherapy treatment planning by combining ImaginAb’s investigational CD8 ImmunoPET technology with Quibim’s cutting-edge image processing technology.

Immunotherapy has shown remarkable promise in treating cancer and other diseases, but accurately predicting the efficacy of these treatments remains a challenge. CD8 ImmunoPET™ is an 89Zr-labeled minibody that has been designed to bind to the CD8 receptor on human T cells for quantitative, non-invasive PET imaging. This method is currently being researched to determine whether it may be used to assess the immune status of a patient, to measure the efficacy of immunotherapies, and to predict patient outcomes.

As part of this collaboration, Quibim will develop an imaging-based algorithm to interpret CD8 ImmunoPETTM PET/CT exams, with the aim of quantitatively assessing the efficacy of the 89Zr-labeled minibody in targeting the CD8 receptor in the tumor microenvironment. The algorithm will use advanced image processing techniques to extract quantitative measures of tracer uptake in the tumor and surrounding tissues, enabling accurate assessment of the binding efficacy of the minibody to CD8 receptors. The resulting quantitative data will provide valuable insights into the minibody’s biodistribution and targeting specificity to inform future clinical development of the imaging agent and its potential therapeutic application.

Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb, said: “This partnership presents a unique opportunity to broaden the potential applicability of CD8 ImmunoPET by incorporating advanced image processing techniques into image interpretation. We look forward to working together with Quibim to deepen our understanding of immune imaging with the aim of ultimately improving patient care.”

Dr. Ángel Alberich, CEO of Quibim, said: “We are thrilled to partner with ImaginAb in this ground-breaking effort to advance in the quantitative assessment of novel radiotracers’ efficacy in PET/CT exams. Together, we aim to make a real difference in the lives of patients by improving the accuracy and efficiency of immunotherapy prediction through imaging-based models.”

Through this collaboration, ImaginAb and Quibim are poised to make significant contributions to the field of immunotherapy with the goal of improving the lives of countless patients. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and breakthroughs.

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