ImaginAb advances two solid Tumor Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) candidates towards clinical development

  • IAB56 RPT agent is designed to target integrin αvβ6, a receptor over-expressed in a broad range of solid cancers underserved by current cancer therapies.
  • IAB57 RPT agent is designed to target DLL3, a target over-expressed in cancer tissues and relevant in several cancers, most notably Small-Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)

ImaginAb, Inc., a global biotechnology company focused on the development of radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, today announced lead selection and progression to IND-enabling studies of IAB56, a minibody designed to target the αvβ6 integrin for use as Lu-177 radiopharmaceutical therapy in solid tumors. In parallel, the DLL3 targeting program, IAB57, will further assess several leads in the coming quarter prior to initiation of IND-enabling studies later in 2023. ImaginAb’s discovery team developed IAB56 and IAB57 at its Los Angeles R&D site via screening and selection of high affinity minibodies and cys-dibodies with demonstrated therapeutic efficacy in preclinical models.

The αvβ6 integrin is a pan-cancer antigen implicated in a broad range of solid tumors including ovarian, pancreatic, breast, oral and liver cancer amongst others. The target shows expression which is highly specific to malignant diseases with very little or no expression in healthy tissues, making it an attractive candidate for targeted radiotherapy of solid cancers.

Delta-like ligand 3 (DLL3) is highly selective for SCLC and neuroendocrine tumors, with minimal to no expression in healthy tissues. Given the rapid recurrence of SCLC following existing therapeutic option, there remains a significant need to improve prognosis for patients suffering from this disease.

Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb, said:”The ImaginAb team has experience in the discovery, development, and manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals. Focusing our discovery team on the identification and progression of new radiopharmaceutical therapy agents based on our proprietary platform of biologics was a natural step for ImaginAb. We are excited to announce these new developments and look forward to sharing news on these and other candidate molecules as new milestones are met.”

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