Helium Network & Microsoft partner for new Helium Console integration

The ecosystem is thrilled to announce the integration of Microsoft IoT Central with the Helium Console.

After integrating Azure IoT Hub with Console in 2021, Microsoft IoT users can now use this latest integration to leverage the Helium Network’s massive coverage to build and expand the range of their IoT solutions, while safely and quickly sending their data to their Azure dashboards.

With more than 719K Hotspots in over 54K cities around the world, the Helium Network’s ubiquitous coverage allows Microsoft Azure users to build a bridge between their business applications and their IoT data without the need to purchase and deploy additional infrastructure.

Azure IoT Central is Microsoft’s highly-secure, low-code/no-code IoT platform that scales with businesses as they grow, ensures investments are repeatable, and integrates with existing business apps. IoT Central is used and trusted by companies of all sizes, including:

  • H. Robinson, a global technology and logistics management provider designing a supply chain visibility solution through IoT devices
  • ABInBev, global beverage/technology company using IoT to drive commercial and operational growth, increase sustainability, and gain insights into business operations
  • Clean Energy, a pioneer and leader in the drive to remake the transportation industry with a cleaner, carbon-negative fuel
  • The United Nations Development Programme, using IoT data for fleet management in their mission to eradicate poverty through sustainable development

“The integration of IoT Central with Helium Console provides customers with a better experience on Azure for creating their end-to-end solutions. We think it makes sense to work with the Helium Network as one of our LoRaWAN partners because it provides a path for customers that don’t want to invest on gateway infrastructure up front.” — Oscar Naim, Principal Program Manager, Azure IoT Engineering

The Helium Network benefits from this integration with Microsoft through increased usage and data transfer, which comes from providing IoT Central users with an easy and secure way to aggregate their IoT signals and enabling access to all of the services in the Microsoft cloud.

Get Started with the IoT Central Integration

Helium Console provides network users with a simple yet powerful tool to accelerate moving data from IoT devices to chosen endpoints via Integrations.

Integrations on Console enable devices to send data via either pre-built Integrations or custom ones using HTTP or MQTT. 

The Azure IoT Central Integration can be selected from the “Integrations” page in the Console dashboard. From there, users can follow the steps here to send data to their dashboard via the Helium Network.

The People’s Partners

Alongside Microsoft, Helium has become the network of choice for a number of major carriers and up-and-coming solutions providers. This growing list of ecosystem partners includes:

DISH: the first major carrier in the telco industry to extend the Helium Network with customers deploying their own 5G CBRS-based Hotspots

City of San José: The first city to officially join the rapidly-growing Helium ecosystem, San José is deploying Helium-compatible Hotspots in order to increase internet access for more than 1300 low-income households

Roaming partners such as Senet and Actility, whose customers include Volvo Group, Schneider Electric, Cisco, and more

An ever-expanding ecosystem of solutions providers and hardware makers developing use cases for verticals such as Asset Tracking, Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Supply Chain/Logistics, Environmental Monitoring, and many more.

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