HALO Diagnostics joining forces with Scionti Prostate Center to offer pioneering prostate treatments, comprehensive men’s care

Big changes are coming soon to men’s healthcare: HALO Diagnostics and the Scionti Prostate Center will join forces to provide innovative focal therapy programs and comprehensive, multi-specialty care to the market.

HALO Diagnostics, a leader in precision diagnostics and image-guided therapies, is joining forces with the Scionti Prostate Center and its founder Dr. Stephen Scionti to offer groundbreaking treatments for prostate cancer. A recognized authority in prostate cancer therapeutics, Dr. Scionti will bring a strong legacy of innovation to the HALO family. Together, they will offer the most comprehensive, experienced care to the market.

Dr. Stephen Scionti: Welcoming a Globally Recognized Prostate Expert

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Scionti has worked to transform prostate cancer treatments at his Florida-based practice, the Scionti Prostate Center.

His minimally invasive approach includes thermal ablation therapies such as high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), transurethral prostate ablation (TULSA-Pro), prostate laser ablation, and cryoablation. A leading HIFU surgeon in the United States, Dr. Scionti has partnered with medical treatment centers across the globe to refine this technology. He also established the country’s first center of excellence to perform TULSA-Pro.

Previously, Dr. Scionti served as Clinical Associate Professor of Urology and Director of Prostate Cancer Ablation Surgery at the Joel E. Smilow Comprehensive Prostate Cancer at the New York University School of Medicine and Langone Medical Center. He was also the medical director and founder of the Hilton Head International Center for Men’s Health.

“I’ve dedicated my career to transforming prostate cancer treatments and building the best outcomes possible for my patients,” Dr. Scionti says. “I look forward to joining forces soon with HALO Diagnostics to build out focal therapy programs and innovate this critical area of care further. Collaborating with their clinical team of experts will make this possible.”

As part of his relationship with the company, Dr. Scionti will also drive a fellowship program to train physicians in delivering these minimally invasive, life-saving ablation therapies.

HALO Diagnostics: Building Comprehensive, Multi-Specialty Care

Scionti will join an experienced roster of focal therapy providers and urologists.

  • Dr. John Feller serves as the Chief Medical Officer at HALO Diagnostics. He is a board-certified, sub-specialized radiologist with fellowship training from Stanford University. Over the last 12 years, Dr. Feller has led a clinical trial on the efficacy of MRI-guided laser focal therapy in men with low-to-intermediate risk or recurrent prostate cancer.
  • Dr. Ara Karamanian serves as the prostate program’s medical director and is the founder of the Prostate Laser Center powered by HALO Diagnostics. He is board certified in diagnostic, vascular, and interventional radiology.
  • Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi is a board-certified urologist and medical director of Valley Urology Medical Group in Southern California, which is now powered by HALO Diagnostics and includes six locations, eight urologists, and a CLIA-certified laboratory.

The combined team has treated nearly 3,000 prostate cancer patients using focal ablation with a 100% post-procedure survival rate.

“We are thrilled to be bringing Dr. Scionti on board. He will join a team committed to personalized, precision-focused healthcare,” Dr. Feller proclaims. He adds, “Together, we will transform men’s health – just as breast imaging has for women’s health over the last three decades.”

For more information about the prostate program at HALO Diagnostics, please visit http://www.halodx.com.

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