FusionIQ announces partnership with Kinecta Federal Credit Union, to implement fully integrated solution

FusionIQ’s digital wealth platform selected for offerings that address community-based financial institutions

FusionIQ, a leader in the delivery of cloud-based wealth management solutions with their all-in-one digital platform for financial institutions, today announced a partnership with Kinecta Federal Credit Union. The integrated FusionIQ One platform makes it easy for banks and credit unions to offer additional investing services focused on retaining customers while growing their membership base.

“There’s mounting evidence that traditional small accounts solutions have not evolved to properly service and meet the growing demands of institutions in the banking and credit union space,” said Mark Healy, Chief Executive Officer of FusionIQ. “We’re excited to partner with Kinecta on their digital transformation, delivering proven digital investing solutions that align with their mission of empowering their members to live their best financial lives.”

“Here at Kinecta, we recognized our membership needed an investing solution that was designed to align with a digitally driven demographic,” said Donna McNeely, President of Kinecta Wealth Management. “FusionIQ provides a turnkey offering that goes beyond a tech solution. Ours is a strategic partnership, and we look forward to expanding member services.”

FusionIQ’s end-to-end technology lets credit unions and banks control their investing experience with hybrid digital advice and self-directed investing modules. The FusionIQ offering allows Kinecta to provide this full experience on a single platform. A fully integrated platform, FusionIQ One enables credit unions and banks to diversify through hybrid digital advice, or a self-directed investing option, that enables a generation of digital investors to make their own investing decisions.

“Our focus is on helping our clients become digital wealth leaders,” Mr. Healy concluded. “This partnership is another victory for the credit union space at a time when more credit union members are asking their institutions to keep pace with their digital investing preferences. Some of the largest credit unions and banks already are strategically aligned with FusionIQ – using our white-label technology to deliver an experience that leads to greater advisor-client engagement and higher levels of member retention. We look forward to the future of the industry, defined by increased investment revenue and diversification as the democratization of investing builds stronger institutions.”

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