FusionIQ announces integration with Blueleaf

Cloud-based wealth management software provider FusionIQ is teaming up with Blueleaf to improve the user experience of both advisors and their clients.

The integration between FusionIQ and Blueleaf — a platform offering reporting, billing and client aggregation tools — was sparked by the goal of making it easier for advisors and institutions to implement a digital wealth management platform.

Blueleaf was selected as an integration partner for its automated reporting and communication platform that serves as a multipurpose tool for advisors when they report on the investments they manage and communicate with clients. Client updates and reports, performance reporting, account aggregation, billing and invoicing as well as portfolio monitoring are available on the Blueleaf platform.

The integration with Blueleaf will enable financial advisors to customize, schedule and deliver reporting through their own brands in what’s known as a “white-label” service, according to FusionIQ.

“We are excited to partner with Blueleaf to further bolster FusionIQ’s commitment to wealth management firms poised to become digital wealth leaders, ” Mark Healy, FusionIQ’s CEO, said in a statement. “By leveraging Blueleaf’s automated reporting and communications platform, FusionIQ clients will benefit from a best-in-class, client-focused UX, expanded institution coverage, and innovative reporting capabilities that enables streamlined connection management for held-away accounts.”

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