Funding U’s Jeannie Tarkenton Talks About Fintech’s Role in Student Loan Debt

Jeannie Tarkenton, CEO and founder of Funding U, started our conversation by acknowledging the reality faced by up to 45 million Americans: Talking about student loan debt isn’t really an enjoyable topic.

“The need to get last-gap funding for school is not fun. But it’s a necessary tool to get something you really highly value and that has good outcomes,” said Tarkenton.

As we look ahead to 2021, student loans and student loan debt are set to make see some significant changes. Tarkenton sat down with Hypepotamus to talk about these changes, and how private funding options, like Funding U, are helping to ensure that underrepresented students are able to finance their education. We also talked about how Funding U is positioning itself as a data and analytics platform for improving how banks work with younger users.

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