FTA welcomes Pipe, the modern capital platform, to association

The Financial Technology Association (FTA) today welcomed Pipe as its newest member.

Pipe is the modern capital platform built to connect entrepreneurs and small and mid-size business owners to fast, frictionless, dilution-free financing, helping them scale and operate on their terms.

“Innovative fintech companies like Pipe provide a lifeline to founders and entrepreneurs who often lack access to financing,” said Penny Lee, President and CEO of the Financial Technology Association. “We are proud to represent fintech companies powering America’s small businesses and advocate for technology’s positive role in expanding access to capital.”

“Pipe’s mission is to empower founders so they can build and scale their companies on their own terms,” said Luke Voiles, CEO of Pipe. “We are excited to join the Financial Technology Association’s community of fintech leaders and work collectively to build a more flexible, transparent, and accessible future of finance that better serves America’s entrepreneurs.”

Pipe is excited to join the FTA to reinforce the story of fintech for good, making capital more accessible by turning future revenue into up-front working capital to help companies improve cash flow and scale operations. By leveraging technology, Pipe provides unbiased access to capital, based purely on a company’s data and the health of its business. In just three years, over 23,000 companies have signed up to use Pipe’s platform, and Pipe has helped fund the growth of businesses in verticals, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), direct-to-consumer (D2C) subscriptions, and service-based businesses all over the US.

The Financial Technology Association represents companies like Pipe that meet the financial needs of founders and small and medium-sized businesses with enhanced access to capital, online payment processing, spend management, accounting, bill pay tools, and other ways to reach new customers. FTA supports policy efforts that improve Main Street businesses’ access to capital and other financial services. Click here to learn more about how small businesses are powered by fintech.

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