Elegen launches ENFINIA™ DNA, rapid long DNA synthesis to power the bioeconomy

New product delivers up to 7kb of high-accuracy DNA in as fast as 7 days, providing an unparalleled combination of speed, length, and quality to the synthetic biology market

Elegen, a leader in DNA innovation, today announced that it has successfully concluded its early access program and is now offering global commercial access to its new class of double-stranded DNA, developed to power the synthetic biology revolution. Elegen’s ENFINIA™ DNA represents a major advance in the field, offering an unprecedented combination of length, speed, and accuracy to streamline synthetic biology workflows and scale to meet the demands of the growing bioeconomy.

ENFINIA DNA is available today at lengths up to 7,000 base pairs, delivered within seven business days with customer-validated per-base accuracy of approximately 99.999%. This accuracy is 20 times higher than the conventional gene fragments or blocks typically used in synthetic biology today. This means that customers now have access to fast turnaround, long DNA, wherein the molecules are 95% sequence-perfect. Elegen’s current customers are already using ENFINIA DNA for multiple applications without further cloning or manipulation. When even longer DNA is required, Elegen has demonstrated better than a 95% success rate in constructing sequence-perfect DNA plasmids at lengths over 18,000 base pairs by assembling just a few ENFINIA fragments and picking three colonies.

Elegen has already shipped thousands of DNA constructs to dozens of repeat early access customers. The follow-on sales to these customers and increasing rate of new customer adoption validates Elegen’s unique value proposition. Large pharmaceutical organizations, industrial biotech, food, and agriculture companies can now save months in the development of new therapeutics including mRNA vaccines and gene therapies, as well as proteins, microbial strains, and engineered crops. Furthermore, with production in the United States, organizations can maximize speed and mitigate supply chain risk.

“It is encouraging to see companies like Elegen push the boundaries of DNA synthesis,” said Adam Fisher, Principal Scientist at Ensoma. “We are very excited about their innovative approach to solving the supply challenge of high-quality long DNA.”

“Part of Elegen’s vision is to reduce the need for biofoundries at each and every company to assemble and clone DNA. It costs millions of dollars to staff and equip a biofoundry and the expense and the time is often overlooked,” said Marc Unger, PhD, CSO at Elegen. “We enable life sciences companies to develop faster and get more done in the same amount of time, providing an exponential benefit to customers over time.”

ENFINIA DNA is enabled by Elegen’s proprietary cell-free cloning technology that yields near-clonal accuracy without involving cumbersome traditional cloning methods. This, along with a suite of complementary innovations, powers Elegen’s platform.

“Most recent advances in synthetic DNA production resulted from singular innovations,” said Matt Hill, Elegen’s Founder and CEO. “While these specific incremental improvements might lead to improvements in one small aspect of DNA production, singular improvements often lead to trade-offs. We did not see these improvements unlocking synthetic biology in a way that was likely to be transformative. At Elegen, we have developed a portfolio of innovations that already enable us to deliver better speed, length, reliability, accuracy, and to a moderate extent, complexity, for non-clonal DNA, and customers should expect to see us build upon these innovations further in the near future.”

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