DriveWealth expands robo-advice tech stack with DriveAdvisory

DriveWealth, LLC., a pioneer in fractional investing and embedded finance, today announced the expansion of its DriveAdvisory platform. DriveAdvisory is a technology infrastructure solution that empowers partners to fully integrate financial advisory products into their existing apps.

An SEC registered RIA that launched in December 2021, DriveAdvisory can unlock greater flexibility and the potential for deeper customer relationships for its partners. Amid a constantly changing global regulatory landscape, this designation provides fintechs with a secure way to leverage DriveWealth’s APIs to offer embedded advisory tools to customers while ensuring they are fully protected.

“At DriveWealth, we listen to all of our partners – and many told us they need a better way to offer advisory services to their customers,” said Harry Temkin, CIO of DriveWealth. “The creation of DriveAdvisory is in direct response to our partners’ needs. This enables us to offer more integrated investing and advisory experiences for our partners, helping to drive customer acquisition, loyalty, retention, and revenue growth.”

DriveAdvisory’s flexibility is partly due to its ability to seamlessly leverage an entire ecosystem of APIs. The firm offers a hands-on consulting program to ensure every partner is building an embedded investing experience that meets the needs of their unique customer base.

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