ColdSnap selected as a finalist for 2022 SXSW Innovation Awards

ColdSnap is revolutionizing the way ice cream and frozen confections are produced, transported, purchased and consumed

ColdSnap, Corp. is proud to announce that the ColdSnap™ rapid freezing appliance has been selected as a finalist for the 24th annual SXSW Innovation Awards. The SXSW Innovation Awards recognize and celebrate the most exciting tech developments in the connected world.

ColdSnap is a rapid-freezing technology that produces single-servings of frozen confections and frozen beverages in approximately 90 seconds. The ColdSnap appliance accepts shelf-stable, ambient temperature ColdSnap pods that are filled with liquid ingredients. The ColdSnap appliance then freezes the ingredients and dispenses the freshly frozen treat directly from the ColdSnap pod into the bowl.

The ColdSnap mission is to transform the way ice cream and frozen confections are produced, transported, purchased and enjoyed! ColdSnap is creating a personalized experience; developing an array of premium ice cream flavors (dairy & non-dairy); various flavors of frozen coffee drinks; healthy smoothies; frozen protein shakes; and silky-smooth frozen cocktails.

Of hundreds of applications submitted, ColdSnap was one of 65 finalists selected across 13 categories by a panel of judges composed of industry peers and experts. ColdSnap is one of five (5) finalists under the SXSW “Speculative Design” category which honors the best new work using design to re-think products and systems – and addresses the challenges, opportunities and possibilities of the future. Each entry was graded on four criteria: creativity, form, function, and overall experience.

“We are honored to be named a finalist for the SXSW Innovation Awards,” says Matthew Fonte, Founder and President of ColdSnap. “What began as a fun idea one night with my daughters while doodling in their invention journals has now grown into what we believe will be a game-changing, platform technology in the food and beverage space. Why keep ice cream frozen 24/7, requiring expensive electricity and creating unnecessary carbon emissions?”

Instead, ColdSnap rapidly freezes premium ice creams and other frozen treats on demand, circumventing the inefficient and environmentally unfriendly cold supply chain. Moreover, ColdSnap consistently delivers fresh, creamy, dense and delicious products.

“People are consistently blown away with the quality of our ice cream and other products which is extremely rewarding and fun for our team,” Fonte continues. “Thank you to the SXSW team for allowing ColdSnap to participate in this incredible event – we are so grateful for the invitation and are very excited for the conference!”

ColdSnap and all SXSW Innovation Awards finalists will exhibit at the SXSW Finalist Showcase in Austin, TX with final awards announced on Monday March 14, 2022.

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