ColdSnap News: The ColdSnap will give you soft Serve ice cream on demand

CES 2021 has certainly been delivering the goods. The latest innovation to catch our attention is none other than the ColdSnap ice-cream-making machine, which is a home appliance being described as the Keurig of soft serves due in great part to its use of instant pods and general convenience.

According to The Verge, the ColdSnap pods are filled with some “unknown ingredients” – which is only slightly concerning – responsible for producing the frosty goodness. But ice cream is just the beginning. Marketed as a machine primed for all frozen treats, the ColdSnap will serve up the following goodies anywhere between 60 and 90 seconds:

frozen yoghurt
frozen coffee
frozen smoothies
frozen health shakes
Frozen cocktails will apparently be on the cards as well.

The applications for this convenient bit of kit are endless during the summer from sunrise to sunset. Picture it now: kicking off the day with a cold caffeinated brew, smoothie, shake, juice, or what have you; digging into a frozen yoghurt when the mood strikes; frozen cocktails at the stroke of 5 o’clock whenever because you’re a savage, and getting your dose of Maccas magic with however many soft serves you need – without worrying about whether the machine may potentially be broken upon arrival.

The ColdSnap is scheduled to ship out mid-2021 with no official words on the $$$ cost just yet. But we should expect something in the space of several hundred dollars.

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