Coin Metrics extends support for Solana tokens

After the highly anticipated and successful release that brought support for Solana to Coin Metrics Network Data Pro, Coin Metrics is continuing its efforts to expand its trusted insights to the Solana ecosystem.

Solana’s blazing-fast transaction speeds and innovative architecture have positioned it as a major player in the Layer 1 landscape, leading to a rapidly expanding ecosystem of assets that are part of the Solana ecosystem. Coin Metrics is excited to announce the expansion of Solana coverage by bringing our best in class metrics to 15 new SPL tokens in this experimental release.

Here’s what you can expect

Top SPL Token Coverage: With a focus on adding meaningful insights to our clients, Coin Metrics now supports 8 of the top SPL tokens on Solana by Market Capitalization.

Liquid Staking Coverage: With the growth of staking, we now support liquid staking tokens on Solana from Jito, Marinade and Lido

Memecoin Coverage: With the recent renewed activity on Solana, the network has seen a boom of memecoins. With this release we enable our clients to dive into some of the top memecoins

Full History: Gain a comprehensive understanding of these SPL tokens through the full history, from their launch on Solana to current day

Granular Network Insights: Analyze 49 end-of-day metrics, continuing our unparalleled visibility into Solana’s network activity.

With this release, Coin Metrics now supports its detailed analytics for the SOL token as well as 18 SPL tokens, continuing to ensure that our clients can rely on unparalleled insights into Solana’s network activity as well as token activity. For a detailed analysis of the Solana ecosystem, dive into our State of the Network #254 where we analyze Solana and its activity.

Newly Supported Tokens

boden_sol: jeo boden
bome_sol: BOOK OF MEME
bonk_sol: Bonk
jito_sol: Jito
jitosol_sol: Jito Staked SOL
jup_sol: Jupiter
jupsol_sol : Jupiter Staked Sol
msol_sol: Marinade Stated SOL
pyth_sol: Pyth
samo_sol: Samoyed Coin
slerf_sol: SLERF
stsol_sol: Lido Staked SOL
tremp_sol: doland tremp
wen_sol: Wen
wif_sol: dogwifhat

Join the Solana Revolution with Coin Metrics!

We’re excited to now support our clients in further research and understanding of the Solana ecosystem. If you are new to our Product universe and looking to explore Solana and more please reach out to our team.  Contact us to get started today and unlock the full potential of Solana with Coin Metrics’ industry-leading data and analysis tools.

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