Cloud operations startup MontyCloud lands $3M

Montycloud; the company founded with the singular vision of enabling IT departments to become cloud powerhouses has raised $3 million.

For enterprises that want to move to the cloud, that actual move is often hard enough, but in the long run, being able to manage the life cycle of their cloud deployments is just as important. Montycloud focuses on these kinds of Day 2 operations. This 23-person startup streamlines and automates cloud enablement, cloud governance, cost optimization, cloud compliance, and more.

The platform combines a record system with an engagement and intelligence system. The record tool delivers historic visibility into cloud environments, such as a timeline of events, details about what happened to the environment and who made the change, while the engagement engine reduces the cloud surface area with which the customers need to handle with a streamlined user interface and interactive bots.

The intelligence system unlocks context-specific value and speeds up intelligent applications that cost less to operate, self-heal when security or compliance issues occur, and foster collaboration. It is by eliminating the need for specialized tools or additional talent in the cloud and reducing the time required to deliver digital transformation that MontyCloud enables significant cost savings for customers.

Founded in 2018, its CEO Venkat Krishnamachari previously had spent 14 years at Microsoft and did a short stint at Amazon before launching MontyCloud with Venkat Hari and Kannan Parthasarathy .

MontyCloud DAY2 technology is built on native Amazon Web Services Inc. resources, such as AWS Systems Manager and AWS CloudFormation. The startup is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, a Public Sector Partner, and certified by Amazon as a cloud management Competency Partner.

MontyCloud also aims to help enterprises address the technology skills gap, especially related to cloud solution architects. It is difficult for businesses to train IT professionals quickly enough to keep up with the rapid evolution of the cloud. The company’s platform solves this issue by automating key specialized functions that would be filled by expensive and hard-to-find talent, according to Krishnamachari.

“Imagine adding a highly skilled cloud solutions architect in under 10 minutes to your teams? That’s one of the values of our platform,” he says. “We have pre-built, well-architected solutions in the platform that acts like your own cloud solution architect.”

Although MontyCloud is a startup with just 23 employees, it has Fortune 100 customers. For example, it helped a global user to move applications to the cloud, manage them, and resize its cloud team. The company had a five-member team watching over a farm of more than 10,000 servers for compliance needs and was able to redirect four team members to other projects due to the use of compliance bots.

This latest funding round was led by Raptor Group, Lytical Ventures, and Madrona Venture Group. It’s total funding to date is $6 million.

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