Chipper Cash partners ActionAid on relief to flood victims

Chipper Cash, an African cross-border payments company has partnered with ActionAid to provide relief to flood victims in Bayelsa State.

Niger Delta State was severely hit by floods that left an estimated 10,000 people homeless and displaced.

The Bayelsa State Emergency Management Agency said the flood affected no fewer than 1.3 million people with a death toll currently at 96, thus throwing up  a humanitarian crisis in the state.

“With no access to clean water, hundreds of people are struggling to survive. People are also struggling to find shelter because they have lost their homes or have been forced to move into camps,” the agency said.

The partnership between Chipper Cash and ActionAid ensured victims got relief supplies such as monetary gifts, food, water, blankets and hygiene kits.

Marketing Campaign Manager at Chipper Cash Nigeria, Goldie Iyamu, said: “As a brand that is driven by our customers’ lives, we care deeply about the communities affected by the flood and have committed to providing immediate relief through our partnership with ActionAid. Thanks to the efforts of the on-ground team, funds have been raised to help flood victims in the affected areas—and I know it has been only a portion of what we can do. In addition to financial donations, we can effectively assist survivors in returning home faster.

“Our goal is to help as many people as possible get back on their feet after this tragedy. We are committed to assisting the people of Bayelsa State, who have been affected by the floods. We know that the lives of those affected have been greatly impacted and this initiative will help them get back on their feet again. This initiative will focus on helping families rebuild their lives after the flood and providing money and food items to residents in affected areas.

“We are uniquely positioned to help because we have access to resources that other companies do not have—and by partnering ActionAid that have expertise in disaster relief. We kicked off this initiative in two clans in Yenagoa: Gbarain and Ekpetiama. We targeted female-led households, the terminally ill and the aged as the primary recipients of the post-flood relief. With over 70+ household benefitting, we were able to bring hope and joy to affected families this season.”

One of the recipients, Rachael Oviri, said she has struggled to maintain any sustainable source of income, saying: “When I found out I was selected to benefit from this intervention, I was very happy. My feeding for the next six weeks or more seems guaranteed with this package.”

Ene Obi further noted that this recent intervention is the second ActionAid Nigeria has undertaken in Bayelsa within two months. ‘‘The partnership with Chipper Cash is quite timely because we are in the season where people’s hearts should be merry. It is, indeed, a pleasure that Chipper Cash decided to work with us to put smiles on the faces of families this Christmas. Seventy Households across the Gbarain and Ekpetiama clans in Yenagoa council were provided with a variety of food items and cash gifts.”

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