Chipper Cash launches virtual cards in Uganda to enable free and easy access to international payments

Africa’s cross-border payments company, Chipper Cash has launched a new card product that enables customers in Uganda to make international transactions without the need for a bank account.

Funded directly through the Chipper digital wallet, which people can load using mobile money, customers can now use the Chipper Card to make international transactions that require a card payment.

According to the company, the growth of mobile money is rising rapidly in Africa, in part due to difficulties accessing traditional financial services. Some 40% of Uganda’s population remains entirely unbanked, while conversely 30 million mobile money accounts were registered in the country last year. Although mobile money provides an alternative to regular banking, there are limitations. Debit cards are not provided as standard, often coming with an upfront fee, which limits customers’ ability to make online payments. Having already successfully launched the Chipper Card in Nigeria, Chipper is now bringing its proven digital wallet and card capability to Uganda – empowering the population and connecting customers to the global economy.

Speaking on the new development, Dan Tumuramye, Chipper Cash Country Director, Uganda said, “For us, this is all about enablement. Not everyone can easily access traditional card products. However, now anyone with a smartphone and mobile money account can download the Chipper app, access an internationally accepted card for free and transact online to make purchases that matter to them, be it subscribing to Spotify or Netflix, booking a flight online, buying adverts for their businesses on Instagram or something else.”

Tefiro Serunjogi, Chipper Cash Cards Product Lead, adds: “We know when you remove historic payment obstacles, such as the expense and difficulty of making payments across borders, you open up trade, boost the economy and allow people freedom and choice. Delivering our Chipper Card product to the people of Uganda unlocks another financial barrier and provides the population with purchase power.”

The company also disclosed that it has some rewards for customers who transact online using their Chipper cards. Chippercash as part of its Africa to the World campaign will offer these customers a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Becca Watts , Director of Communications, Chippercash said, “The campaign is built around bringing fans together through the power of sport. At the heart is a goal of raising $50,000 to get football superfans from three qualifying African teams–Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal–into the stadiums to cheer on their teams. We have already set the ball rolling with a $30,000 donation.”

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