Bobbie welcomes second baby, Bobbie Organic Gentle, a first-of-its-kind tolerance formula setting new standards for the future of US infant formula

  • Bobbie Organic Gentle is the only EU-style organic tolerance product in the US, made with 100% lactose as a carbohydrate source – with no corn syrup – and complies with all FDA Nutrition and Quality Standards

  • Bobbie also announces update to flagship product, Bobbie Organic, making it the first and only USDA and EU certified organic infant formula without palm or soy oil

A first-of-its kind, Bobbie Organic Gentle is now available as a new tolerance infant formula for US parents and their babies. Today, Bobbie Labs, the research and development hub of infant formula brand Bobbie, released its second formula since the company’s first product launched in 2021. Both Bobbie’s flagship Organic Formula and its new Organic Gentle are nutritionally complete, comply with all FDA requirements, and meet several benchmark EU guidelines, including for iron and DHA.

Bobbie Organic Gentle is the only American-manufactured, EU-style, organic tolerance product made with 100% partially hydrolyzed whey protein and 100% lactose as the carbohydrate source, a critical choice in a formula category flooded with corn syrup solids. Bobbie’s intentional recipe was designed to bring parents a tolerance formula that features the same carbohydrate source, lactose, as breast milk. Bobbie Organic Gentle is setting new standards for the future of US infant formula as the ONLY gentle formula in the US that is certified organic by both the USDA and EU, and that contains no palm oil, no soy fat blend.

Tolerance formulas are the second fastest-growing infant formula category with 9% year-over-year growth that is expected to surpass the routine category in the next five years [1]. Yet more than 90% of US infant formulas in the tolerance category are lactose-reduced, meaning they include sugars like corn syrup, rice syrup and maltodextrin instead of the carbohydrate predominantly found in breast milk— lactose. There is a myth that if a baby doesn’t tolerate a routine formula that they are lactose intolerant, when in fact it is the size of the milk protein that is often the culprit. Babies are biologically primed to digest lactose, and a true lactose intolerance occurs in less than 1% of babies [2].

Bobbie is proud to offer the only US-manufactured tolerance infant formula that is formulated to support easy digestion, fussiness, gas and crying with 100% partially hydrolyzed whey as the protein source with 100% lactose as the carbohydrate source, like that found in breast milk. Research suggests a benefit of partially-hydrolyzed formulas in supporting improved tolerance over routine formulas [3].

“We knew that better ingredient choices were available, so we found a formula option for more sensitive tummies while preserving the source of carbohydrate to be more like what is found in breast milk. We believe that every ingredient matters. Research shows that existing reduced or non-lactose formulas with corn syrup have potential impact on a baby’s gut microbiome development,” said Christina Berberich, scientist, pharmacist, dietitian and mother. “As the only US infant formula company founded and led by moms, we’re dedicated to the latest science and research and refuse to accept the status quo because this product is for our babies too.”

Like Bobbie’s flagship Organic formula, Bobbie Organic Gentle undergoes over 2,000 quality checks before release. Bobbie Organic Gentle Infant Formula has completed FDA review and is supported by clinical data.

“We have never sacrificed our commitment to high-quality, organic ingredients, and after years of research, we are proud to expand this promise to even more parents and their babies. Our Bobbie Labs team of scientists, pediatricians, dietitians, regulatory experts—all of them parents—were inspired by the most up-to-date research and what they would want themselves as parents,” said Laura Modi, CEO and Co-Founder of Bobbie and mom of three. “I’m proud to bring this new option to American parents because I firmly believe we have a responsibility to uplevel what is often the first food for our babies. But as I have said before, there is no such thing as a bad formula—and we can innovate and provide new options while simultaneously supporting what is accessible and affordable to parents based on their individual needs.”

Bobbie Organic Gentle Overview

  • 100% lactose as the carbohydrate source: Lactose is the main carbohydrate in breast milk, and we believe it should be in infant formula too.
  • 100% partially hydrolyzed whey as the protein source: Hydrolyzing protein breaks it down into smaller components which can be easier for babies to digest.
  • DHA level that meets EU requirements: DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that plays a key role in supporting brain and eye development. While there is no US requirement for the amount of DHA added to infant formula, Bobbie Organic Gentle is the only US tolerance formula to meet the EU requirement for this important fatty acid (20mg/100kcal).
  • Iron levels that meet US & EU requirements: Iron is a mineral that is critical for transporting oxygen to all cells in our bodies. ⁠It’s important that our babies get the right amount—not too much and not too little. Our Gentle product meets both US and EU iron requirements.
  • High quality, safe ingredients: The Bobbie Way. USDA organic and EU organic. No palm oil, no soy fat blend, no corn syrup, and no maltodextrin.
  • Available at Today, 14oz cans are currently available for sale at for $28/can.

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