Blockchain gaming platform Rainmaker Games secures $4.7M funding

Rainmaker Games, a one-stop hub blockchain gaming platform, has announced the successful completion of its latest seed round, raising a total of $4.7 million.

The funding round was co-led by Placeholder and Hivemind Capital, with participation from a range of other firms including Shima Capital, Peer Ventures, Coinfund, Side Door Ventures, Blockwall Capital, Placeholder, and Tokenbay Capital. With the bear market encompassing even the strongest GameFi projects, let’s see how Rainmakers deals with dire market decisions.

What is Rainmaker Games?

Rainmaker Games is a blockchain games discovery platform. The platform aims to provide gamers (both web2 and web3) a single source of gaming to discover and learn with around hundreds of play-to-earn (P2E) games at its platform.

CEO and co-founder, Will Deane, describes his platform as the Netflix  of blockchain games where you can discover and access content complete with reviews,daily earnings, and write-ups. Vital information such as price activity and popularity are also included within the platform to aid investors with alpha information.

$4.7 Million Seed Fund

According to Rainmaker, the new funds will be used to further develop and improve its platform, which is set to launch in beta in early 2023. The company has stated that the new version of its platform will be geared towards gaming communities, allowing users to challenge each other in games without having to play at the same time. This approach is similar to the popular fitness app Strava, which allows users to track and compare their workouts with others.

The GameFi platform company went last made waves after its launch and integration of an NFT marketplace on the website.Despite the challenges posed by the bear market, the GameFi platform company has continued to build and expand its operations. In fact, the company has even managed to secure additional funding from investors, demonstrating confidence in the platform’s future potential.

In addition to the funds raised in this seed round, Rainmaker also raised $6.5 million in its previous seed round in December 2020. The company has been making steady progress towards the collaboration with many blockchain games, and this latest funding will no doubt be a welcome boost as it works to bring its innovative approach to the world of gaming.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Rainmaker’s latest seed round is a promising step towards the launch of its highly anticipated platform.

The company is eager to bring its unique approach to the gaming industry and create new communities for players to engage with. With the backing of a strong group of investors and a clear roadmap for the future, Rainmaker is well-positioned to make a splash in the world of gaming.

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