Airspace Link announces FAA approval of LAANC API Deep Linking Capabilities

Airspace Link, Inc., a leading FAA-Approved UAS (Drone) Service Supplier is announcing a set of developer tools designed to allow third parties to interface with AirHub® API. (**LAANC – Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability)

APIs are no longer a stop-gap to the future for fast-moving developers building on a global scale—they’re a critical part of winning strategies. The AirHub® API enables partners to focus on their core products and services without having to build specialized functions or particular insights. The result yields faster and safer access to the national airspace system while streamlining operator workflows that might otherwise be less methodical on their own.

“As a LAANC provider since 2019, we’re very familiar with the use cases our partners and prospective customers need to execute both within their native applications and our own. These developer tools will significantly streamline the airspace authorization process across the industry. Compliance will become that much easier across the drone ecosystem, enhancing safety and access for all.” says Daniel Bradshaw, Airspace Link Co-Founder & CTO.

This latest approval will enhance the already comprehensive set of AirHub® API services that are delivering community and national hazards, risk analytics, routing, and more to native drone applications. These API services broker the connection between drone applications and the communities that drones operate in to deliver the ‘last mile’ of data and visualizations. In addition to this latest release, drone application developers, manufacturers, and service providers have already begun to rely on the many features of the AirHub API including:

Real-Time Community Advisories

While the FAA provides the rules and regulations for airspace in the US, communities need the ability to publish local advisories to provide additional information to operators when planning their drone operations. Communities input these local advisories into the AirHub® Connect platform, which can be provided through the AirHub® API.

Operational Hazard & Risk

Hazard and risk assessment is an important part of the UAS ecosystem. The FAA and other standards bodies have published guidelines on how operations should behave with respect to population and other ground-based risk. This set of API resources will help developers quantify these hazards and their associated risk within a geographic boundary.

Logistics & Planning

For more advanced use cases, the AirHub® API provides advanced logistical & planning tools such as complex routing algorithms; built on diverse suitability surfaces constructed from dozens of local and national datasets, weighted to meet the specific requirements of your operational parameters.

With this new API integration capability, Airspace Link looks forward to extending the facilitation of data exchange to empower the future of the entire UAS industry.

The list of AirHub® API services is growing every week. In addition to the documented capabilities, the AirHub Developer team can discuss use cases that more precisely match the needs of individual business’ and discuss additional options that may be required with that process flow today.

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