Aelion Group joins IPwe as a strategic partner

Engaging institution and enterprise level patent holders to enhance and support network growth

IPwe is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Aelion Group, a privately held investment firm that brings solutions to complicated business problems through its industry-diverse executives, unique insight, integrity and global reach.  Starting first as an investor of IPwe, Aelion Group saw first-hand how IPwe stands out from the competition with its technical advancements and expert team.  That made it an easy decision to take a step further to enter a strategic partnership to support the growth and onboarding of several key enterprise accounts to the IPwe Platform.  With its vast network of contacts, Aelion Group represents yet one more way IPwe is bringing on quality patent assets and developing a robust user base.

Through its development, IPwe has garnered attention from many reputable investors.  “We were impressed by IPwe’s vision for the patent industry and their ability to make that vision a reality,” stated David Aelion, Founding Partner of Aelion Group.  “Ultimately, our investments are based on not just the product and strategy, but also the people supporting the vision. Knowing the expert team and seeing them in action made investment and participation with IPwe an easy decision to make,” added Arthur Percy, CIO of Aelion Group.

“Aelion Group has supported IPwe with more than just capital.  Through its wide network and industry experience, we have found a means to connect with several companies that are ideal candidates for the IPwe Platform and our services,” stated Erich Spangenberg, CEO of IPwe. “We welcomed Aelion Group first as an investor and next as a strategic partner.  We appreciate their support and commitment to work closely with us as we expand our client base.”

Many new and growing companies have patent assets that lie dormant or unused.  With IPwe’s intuitive platform and expert support team, these assets can be optimized and monetized in a streamlined manner that puts legacy processes to shame.  These days companies cannot afford lengthy transaction periods; they need quality service that is fast, transparent and tailored to their needs.  That is where IPwe fits in.  IPwe brings innovative technology to the patent industry, that provides a means for improved value creation as well as faster transaction and knowledge transfer which benefits all stakeholders and participants.

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