January 20

Leading Marketing Cloud Companies Qualia and BlueCava Announce Merger

Combination Aligns BlueCava's Leading SaaS-Based Cross-Screen Marketing Solution With Qualia's Powerful Consumer Intent Decision Engine to Target 'In-Market Consumers' Across All Devices; Current Qualia CEO and Well-Known Industry Veteran Kathy Leake to Lead New Organization

December 07

Twine Health Closes Series A Financing, Aims to End Fee-for-Service Primary Care

Twine Health today closed its series A financing totaling $6.75M, propelling the company’s mission to make its health coaching platform the linchpin of value-based care.

November 03

How Blockchain Is Changing Finance As We Know It

Many people have become familiar with bitcoin as a currency and the technological processes behind it. Bitcoin transactions are verified using the same open-source blockchain technology behind torrents and Tor.

October 27

Africa is the New Frontier of Impact Investing

In the endless search for global development opportunities, the supply is limited for the first time in history. Africa is truly the last frontier.

October 27

Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention to the RAISE Act

As technology has evolved, the landscape dictating how companies can gain capital has changed drastically. There has never been as much access as there is now — especially with crowdfunding strategies available — but we still operate on a system that was created pre-Internet.

September 03

Demands for Impact Investing Are on the Rise — How to get Your Investment Portfolio Ready

Three ways financial advisers can incorporate impact investing into their traditional investment portfolios.

September 01

Will Tweet for Money: A New Crowdfunding Avenue

When money changes hands, it almost never literally touches human hands. Ask most people under the age of 30 when they last talked to a bank teller, and you might be surprised by how many can’t remember. Many people cut out the middleman in money transfers by using banking apps and depositing checks via mobile snapshots.

August 28

LinkedIn Acquires Predictive Marketing Firm Fliptop To Boost Its Sales Solutions Offering

LinkedIn has acquired the predictive sales and marketing firm Fliptop in an effort to boost development of its own Sales Solutions offering. The professional social networking company says that the integration of the teams and technology will take several months. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

August 19

The Buzz About Impact Investing: Doing Well by Doing Good

Impact investing allows one to help forward causes they care about, while reaping the benefits of good businesses. Even though this concept has been around for awhile, it is becoming even more prevalent with more resources and accessibility.

July 22

At BeautyCon, Fans Meet Their YouTube Fashion and Beauty Idols

Small screen stars like Bethanny Mota have millions of views from detailing their morning routines and new products.

July 10

How BeautyCon Nailed The Formula For Connecting Brands With The YouTube Generation

BeautyCon CEO Moj Mahdara reveals how she built a powerful, authentic media brand that a young, diverse demographic goes crazy for.

June 30

BeautyCon Partners with Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan for Latina and Seventeen for the Ultimate Los Angeles BeautyCon Festival

Top beauty tastemakers will be center stage uniting fans, brands and creators. Event will feature keynote by Bethany Mota and performances by Becky G, Jack & Jack and Sabrina Carpenter.

June 29

Fliptop Posts Transparent Pricing, Chides Other Predictive Firms For Not Doing So

Predictive lead scoring firms are in the business of clarifying which prospects are most likely to become customers.

May 26

Conversion Logic Chief Data Scientist ranked Top 10 in the World

Conversion Logic's Chief Data Scientist, Jeong-Yoon Lee, was ranked by Kaggle as a Top 10 Data Scientist in the World.

May 07

BitBeat: ItBit Open Shop In U.S. As a Trust Company, Raises $25 Million

ItBit, a New York-based digital-currency exchange, opened its doors on Thursday to U.S. customers as a trust company. The 18-month old startup announced that it has received a trust company charter from the New York State Department of Financial Services that will allow it to operate in all 50 states as a fully regulated financial-services entity. ItBit also closed on a $25 million funding round, bringing its total capital raising to $32 million, and named several notable people to its board of directors, including former FDIC chairman Sheila Bair and former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley.

May 06

Baby Registry Site Cricket’s Circle Selects $2.25 Million Seed Round

Cricket’s Circle, which offers a baby registry and helps pregnant women decide which items they need to purchase, received backing from East Coast and West Coast investors in a $2.25 million seed round.

April 27

Willie Nelson-Backed Music Show Gets Financing; Distribution Deal Eyed

"Inside Arlyn," an in-production live music television series created in part by Austin country music legend Willie Nelson, has signed a partnership with the Raptor Group investment firm to finance the series and help it secure a distribution deal.

April 23

Exclusive: Bitcoin Exchange itBit Seeks New York Banking License

In a little noticed move, bitcoin exchange itBit has filed for a banking license in New York, according to the state banking authority.

April 20

Famed S.F. Bakery Acquired By Local Coffee Powerhouse

A couple of the Bay Area’s top artisan food companies are joining forces. Tartine, the popular San Francisco bakery that often sees long lines for its bread and pastries, is being acquired by Oakland-based Blue Bottle Coffee, and it has big plans for expansion.

January 08

Why Spartan Race Teaches Us That Success In Business Is All About Perseverance

This can’t be happening… again. These words rang like a bell inside the mind of Joe De Sena in early 2011, as he began to come to terms with what seemed like the inevitable – the failure of yet another one of his ambitious business ideas.

December 22


Following the official approval of Rome City Council, also the Assemblea Capitolina provided a positive feedback to the project.

July 21

Jenna Wolfe Takes On The Spartan Extreme Athletic Race

The competition, not for the faint of heart, has timed obstacles requiring real athletic ability. People from all walks of life are finding their inner Spartan through the race. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

June 10

Meet the Most Punishing Man in Fitness

On a sprawling farm in Vermont, Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena runs a business and a fitness crusade. He'll train anyone who shows up, with one major caveat: You must submit to his every cruel and unusual whim.

June 10

Yasso® Frozen Greek Yogurt Founders Named Finalists for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ New England Region Awards

Drew Harrington and Amanda Klane, founders of Yasso® Frozen Greek Yogurt, the fast-growing, first-to-market frozen Greek yogurt bar that's made its way into 14,000 stores across the nation in three short years, have been named finalists for one of the country's most prestigious business awards: the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Award.

April 22

Spartan Race Runner Builds An Empire

This particular gash is taking forever to heal, David Magida explains as he points to a triangular scab on his shin.

February 04

Yasso® Frozen Greek Yogurt Introduces Five New Indulgent Flavors

Creator of First Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars Adds Fan Favorites to Its Award-Winning Lineup

November 01

Are you Spartan Race material? Prove it in a Death Race and You're Hired

A s an extreme athlete and entrepreneur in the early 2000s, Joe DeSena didn't understand why he couldn't find employees as driven and hard working as he was.

October 02

Spartan Race Makes Push For Olympics

Spartan Race founder Joe Desena is on a mission: He wants to make obstacle course racing an Olympic sport.

September 03

Spartan Race Growing Through Participation Surge And Reebok / NBC Partnerships

In 2010, Spartan Race ran its first event and miraculously inspired 1,500 people to show up and complete an obstacle course built to challenge even the most fit competitors.

August 21

Spartan Race Goes Prime Time

Spartan Race has teamed up with NBC Sports and Reebook for a world championship event. Joe DeSena, Spartan Race CEO, provides a preview of the race.

August 08

Spartan Race Partners With NBC Sports Group To Bring Obstacle Racing To Television

$250,000 Spartan Race World Championship in Central Vermont is Focus of Sept. 21-22 Taping

June 13

Startup focus: Spartan Race Sprinting Toward Global Appeal

Every June, some of the world's top endurance athletes — long distance cyclists, ultra-marathoners and Ironman triathlon competitors — gather in Pittsfield, Vt., to take part in what is arguably the greatest competition of will, strength and stamina the world has ever known.

May 28

Unreal featured in Business Insider’s “14 Startups That Will Change The Way You Eat”

There's a growing number of startups focusing on the food market.

April 28

Venture Capitalists Are Making Bigger Bets On Food Start-Ups

What if the next big thing in tech does not arrive on your smartphone or in the cloud? What if it lands on your plate?

April 12

Sonic Notify Uses Sound Waves To Push Content To Your Phone, Nabs A Patent

What if your smartphone was actually smart enough to know the exact product you’re standing in front of in a store, without any help from your part? Or what if it could automatically receive offers related to what you’re watching on TV?

April 12

Spartan Racers to Climb Walls at Citi Field While Mets Are Away

Joe De Sena’s ultimate goal is to have a Spartan Race included in the Olympics. For now, the Queens native who founded the obstacle racing series is happy to have the sport at New York’s Citi Field.

April 03

Nic + Zoe Featured On The Today Show

Nic + Zoe Featured On The Today Show

March 22

Tom Brady and the Easter Bunny Join the Food Movement

It’s not every day you see Tom Brady peg the Easter Bunny in the head with a football, but that’s what happened this week when the Easter Bunny launched his “Apology Tour.”

March 21

MediaSpike Expands Effort to Place Product Ads Inside Social and Mobile Games

MediaSpike brings product placement — like the branded soda cans you see in movies — into social and mobile games. And the company is making considerable headway on its mission.

March 21

Forbes: Sports Names You Need To Know In 2013

Spartan Race is featured in Forbes: Sport Names You Need To Know In 2013.

March 19

Watch Tom Brady hit the Easter Bunny in the head with a football - VIDEO

It's not every day you see one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL tossing the pigskin to a holiday mascot, but that day is today. Tom Brady pegged the Easter bunny with a football as part of an ad for UNREAL, a Boston candy company, resulting in what may be the best holiday advertisement of our time. Brady also took time to teach the bunny how to successfully celebrate a touchdown throw, which Peter Cottontail struggles with.

March 19

UNREAL® Sponsors The 2013 Easter Bunny Apology Tour

Easter Bunny Apologizes for the Candy He's Been Putting in Baskets and Admits He Never Read the Labels; Invites Everyone to Join Movement to Unjunk Candy

March 04

Navy Seal Training Intersects With American Gladiator

Run for miles. Jump over fire. Crawl under barbed wire. Get pummeled in what's called a Gladiator Arena. And you pay more than $100 to do it. Welcome to the Spartan Race and the world of obstacle racing, one of the fastest growing sports — and businesses — in the United States.

February 01

Nic + Zoe Shows Off a New Attitude for Spring

In the eight years since launching Nic + Zoe, a knitwear label named after her children, creative director Dorian Lightbown has set up a network of 950 specialty doors without much fanfare — until now.

January 25 Video Network - SportsMoney: Spartan Races Explode Video Network - SportsMoney: Spartan Races Explode

January 18

The Reebok Spartan Race Times Square Challenge - VIDEO

Times Square's first ever extreme obstacle race saw hundreds of contestants take part including actress/model Brooklyn Decker; former NY Giants All-Pro Tiki Barber; Spartan Race Champion Hobie Call; and Spencer Hendel, winner of the Obstacle Course event at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

January 17

Reebok and Spartan Race Announce Partnership

Brands Launch New Collaboration with "Reebok Spartan Race Times Square Challenge" in New York City; a Celebration of America's Newest Sport: Obstacle Racing

January 17

Spartan Race - Citi Field Spartan Sprint Announcement

LUSHING, N.Y. (January 17, 2013) – Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle racing series and Outside Magazine’s Best Obstacle Race in 2012, is bringing the Reebok Spartan Race Sprint to Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, in Flushing on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 8 a.m.

January 16

Is That the AAF in My Security Checkpoint Tray?

The American Advertising Federation is launching the largest-ever advertising campaign in the industry trade group's history, a consumer push consisting of a series of out-of-home ads placed in airports nationwide.

December 08

Socialising Your Business Data With Fliptop

About a year ago I read a blog post (sorry cannot remember where) on the best social media tools. One of the tools mentioned was Fliptop. This is a tool that can take your email data, or your social follower data and append it with much more information on the individuals – e.g. if you have an email address then Fliptop can find all of the social profiles associated with that email address and append them to the email address. It can also run the same process starting with a Twitter handle.

December 07

Put Your Advertisement In Front Of Travelers at Airports

It's exciting and refreshing to be able to visit different countries and places across the globe. Some people travel because they have business functions to attend to, while most want to experience other culture, to relax and meet new people.

November 19

Spartan Race at Fenway Park - VIDEO

There was a monster of a race at Fenway Park this weekend and it had nothing to do with the Boston Red Sox.

November 18

Obstacles Test Athletes’ Grit

BOSTON — Kelly Syms’s face scrunched up as she inched a 55-pound concrete weight up a rope pulley higher and higher into the air.

November 15

Local Company on Mission to Unjunk World, America's Favorite Candy

(FOX 25 / VIDEO – Without the corn syrup, the artificial ingredients and the partially hydrogenated oils, would candy taste good?

October 30

Healthy Halloween Candy: The Not-As-Bad-for-You Halloween Treat

American kids will carry home about 600 million pounds of commercial Halloween candy this month. And as they sleep, parents everywhere will begin the age-old process of tossing out the bulk of the booty

October 16

Raptor Ventures Joins Capital On Stage

We’re glad to add another VC to the strong line-up of VCs on our program for the Capital On Stage New York edition: Harry DeMott. Harry is MD at Raptor Ventures.

September 28

Raptor Bites Into VC Market With $32M Toward Fund I

Raptor Ventures, an early-stage East Coast investor, has raised $32.2 million toward its inaugural fund, according to a regulatory filing.

September 27


You know something's delicious when Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, Matt Damon, John Legend, and Jack Dorsey all say it is. UNREAL has unjunked Americas favorite candy.

September 06

Brands Take to the Sky for Higher Reach

Security Point Media, the leader in airport passenger security checkpoint advertising and the innovator of the Secure Tray System worked up a plan to provide free bins to airports in exchange for the right to sell advertisements on the bins.

August 30

“In the Studio,” GraphScience’s Raymond Rouf Turns Facebook Graph Data Into Dollars

“In the Studio” closes out the summer months by hosting a repeat entrepreneur who started his first two companies right after college, both of which grew to modest sizes before imploding, and after moving to the Valley about five years ago to work as a product manager at a small venture-backed company, had an insight about the e-commerce potential of Facebook that led to his current company.

August 30

“In the Studio,” GraphScience’s Raymond Rouf Turns Facebook Graph Data Into Dollars

“In the Studio” closes out the summer months by hosting a repeat entrepreneur who started his first two companies right after college, both of which grew to modest sizes before imploding, and after moving to the Valley about five years ago to work as a product manager at a small venture-backed company, had an insight about the e-commerce potential of Facebook that led to his current company.

August 20

Raptor Consumer Partners Announces Investment in Spartan Race

Raptor Consumer Partners (“RCP”), a leading consumer-focused growth equity firm, today announced that it has partnered with leading global obstacle racing series Spartan Race, Inc. (“Spartan Race”).

August 20

Boston Firm Buys Stake in Adventure-Racing Group

Pallotta’s firm, Raptor Capital Management, is investing in Spartan Race Inc., which runs a new breed of obstacle-race events that involve climbing walls, slogging through mud, and crawling under barbed wire.

July 31

Washington D.C. airports implement innovative checkpoint system

SecurityPoint Media, a leading alternative advertising firm, in conjunction with JCDecaux, the world’s largest out of home advertising company, is implementing its SecureTray System® at security checkpoints in Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport.

June 28

Raptor Consumer Partners Invests in Women’s Apparel Manufacturer Nic + Zoe

Raptor Consumer Partners (“RCP”), a leading consumer-focused growth equity firm, announced today that it has made a minority investment in Nic + Zoe, a leading manufacturer of women’s apparel available in Nordstrom department stores as well as more than 800 specialty retailers nationwide.

June 28

Raptor Consumer Partners sheds low profile, backs 2nd consumer biz in Boston

Raptor Consumer Partners, a Boston-based growth equity firm focused on consumer businesses, planned to announce its second investment this morning since launching quietly a year ago — and in both cases, the investments are for local companies.

June 22

A Sweet Venture

Michael Bronner's son Nick loves candy. So much that the well- known entrepreneur started a candy company with his son, but one with a twist: it would not make chocolates with common junk food ingredients such as corn syrup and unhealthy oils.

June 22

Raptor Consumer Partners Leads First-Round Investment in Unreal Brands

Raptor Consumer Partners (“RCP”), a leading consumer-focused growth equity firm, today announced that it has partnered with Boston-based food company Unreal Brands, Inc. (“Unreal” or the “Company”) to help launch a line of “unjunked” chocolate candies in over 30,000 stores nationwide, beginning this summer.

May 21

The Daily Start-Up: Ticket Evolution Nabs $3.5M For Large Events

Ticket Evolution, a software platform aimed at streamlining the distribution of tickets for large events, has raised $3.5 million in Series A funding from Raptor Ventures (the venture arm of Raptor Group) and Dace Ventures.

May 18

Raptor Group invests in ticket firm

A venture arm of Raptor Group, based in Boston, said it led a $3.5 million investment in Ticket Evolution, a New Jersey company that sells event-ticketing systems.

May 11

Social Commerce: From Hi to Buy

His battle-ax is, a Web site that launched in 2011 and aims to create a seamless integration between social media and e-commerce by enabling users to purchase products without leaving its platform.

April 05

SecurityPoint Media in line for Tampa International contract

Tampa-based SecurityPoint Media is on the verge of adding Tampa International to its growing roster of airports.

March 26

Raptor House at SXSW

From March 9th-17th, 2012 Raptor Group transformed Austin's iconic Hotel St. Cecilia into “Raptor House”.

March 19

Social Shopping Site Adds Former GSI Exec as CTO

OpenSky has snagged Michael Schnapf, former SVP of Product and Technology at GSI Commerce, as its CTO.

March 19

With help from Celtics co-owner, Krush to expand sports product 'pretail' biz

Krush CEO Gina Ashe says its 'pretail' site is set to get a big product expansion, with the addition of products from the worlds of basketball, baseball and other sports.

March 17

Raptor House at SXSW

From March 9th-17th, 2012 Raptor Group transformed Austin's iconic Hotel St. Cecilia into “Raptor House”.

March 17

Raptor House at SXSW

From March 9th-17th, 2012 Raptor Group transformed Austin's iconic Hotel St. Cecilia into “Raptor House”.

March 05

Celebrity Shopping Service OpenSky Hires Merchandising Exec

OpenSky, the e-commerce company that lets users “follow� celebrities using a Twitter-like system, has hired its first chief merchandising officer.

March 01

An ad platform aims to help retailers find Facebook friends

GraphScience employs demographic data to present Facebook ads to the right consumers.

February 28

GraphScience Debuts SocialEngine Facebook Ad Platform

GraphScience said SocialEngine is built on top of the Facebook advertising application-programming interface, and it uses proprietary algorithms to help marketers better target their promotional efforts.

February 28

GraphScience Promises To Turn Facebook Commerce Into A Moneymaker

GraphScience Promises To Turn Facebook Commerce Into A Moneymaker.

February 28

A Startup Competitor to Google AdWords

GraphScience has already signed some of the United States' largest retailers while in stealth mode. And after today's launch, the CEO hopes to soon compete with Google AdWords.

February 13

How to Get More From Your Brand's Facebook Data

As Facebook looks to scale its $1 billion profit for 2011 reported in its IPO filing, its data on about 845 million users is its chief asset. But the company has been restrained in what it offers fan-page owners.

January 06

Krush grooves on new $4.5M financing

Brand-focused social shopping startup Krush Inc. has raised $4.5 million in a new funding round from a syndicate of seven investors, according to federal documents

October 24

OpenSky Raises $30 Million for Twitter-Inspired Shopping Site

OpenSky Secures $30 million Funding From Providence Equity Partners, Highland Capital Partners, Canaan Partners and The Raine Group

October 12

James Pallotta's Raptor Ventures Makes First VC Investment

New Boston-based venture capital fund Raptor Ventures has announced its first investment, into a Florida-based company that places advertising at airport security checkpoints.

June 24

OpenSky Reboots as a Social Network for Shopping

OpenSky Reboots as a Social Network for Shopping

April 18

OpenSky Launches, Making Online Shopping Personal and Social

New Site Connects Members with Their Favorite Celebs and Experts For In-The-Know Recommendations at Insider Prices

March 22

Fliptop makes RSS feeds more accessible

Little utility packages subscriptions for publishers and users. Subscribe button gives readers lots of controls, while browse button enables easier content tracking.