Twine Health Tapped by Wellness Coaches for Employee Health Activation

June 6, 2017

Cambridge, Mass


Wellness Coaches has selected Twine Health as a core technology partner to help improve the health, safety and well-being of employees. Wellness Coaches currently delivers its health and safety services to more than 500 employee worksites in 35 states, and has had more than 5 million coaching sessions with over 250,000 employees.


Wellness Coaches onsite coaches will use Twine to further enhance connectivity to and expand their reach by allowing all employees, spouses and dependents access to the coach via the platform. They will leverage Twine’s integrated incentive management tools to help drive initial coaching interactions where they co-develop health action plans based on the employees’ personal goals, needs and interests. This collaborative approach breaks down difficult lifestyle changes into manageable steps and will synchronize with employee phones to support and track daily progress. Powerful dashboards and communication tools will help coaches provide the right support, to the right patients, at the right time, leading to improved health outcomes and lower costs.

“We’ve proven that our model of care dramatically improves the health and safety of employer workforces,” said Gene McGuire, Managing Partner of Wellness Coaches. “We’re excited to be working with Twine to further strengthen the connection between our coaches and employees, and to expand accessibility of our coaches to remote employees and beneficiaries.  As a result, we will be positioned to help even more people improve their risky health and safety behaviors and  the many disease states and chronic conditions they cause.” 

“Wellness Coaches is one of the most successful coaching companies in the entire industry, and we look forward to partnering with them to enhance and scale the powerful relationships that they build between coaches and employees,” said John Moore, MD, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Twine Health. “Twine is designed on the premise that technology alone isn’t the solution to better health but is a tool that can allow people to accomplish super-human results in collaboration. Because of their intense focus on building great relationships, Wellness Coaches is set up to take advantage of Twine right from the start.”

Wellness Coaches has begun deploying Twine to its 175 onsite coaches nationwide, and is expected to have the platform available for use by all coaches in the Fall of 2017.

About Wellness Coaches

Wellness Coaches is the only onsite wellness and injury prevention coaching company that reaches, engages and coaches entire employee populations while connecting and enhancing the value of all other available resources. The combination of the total population reach, remarkable engagement rates, state-of-the-art onsite coaching and integration with all other resources work together to produce higher levels of improvement in employee population health and injury prevention risks than ever before possible. More information can be found at

About Twine Health

Twine's cloud-based Employee Health Activation Platform is designed to empower workplace health providers to dramatically improve enrollment, engagement, and outcomes of their programs, leading to significant reductions in healthcare costs. Twine is based on the founders’ six years of research at the MIT Media Lab in health psychology and human-computer interaction. It taps patients’ intrinsic motivations with personalized action plans, and equips care teams with powerful analytics and artificial intelligence to provide more timely and effective care. The Twine platform is used across wellness and disease management programs, but is most impactful in improving chronic disease outcomes, having produced the largest published impact on hypertension and diabetes to date. For more, visit

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