Tom Brady and the Easter Bunny Join the Food Movement

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Posted by Robyn O'Brien 

It’s not every day you see Tom Brady peg the Easter Bunny in the head with a football, but that’s what happened this week when the Easter Bunny launched his “Apology Tour.”

Why is the Easter Bunny apologizing? Apparently, he grew up eating the same foods we still eat today but had no idea that there have been a whole bunch of new artificial ingredients added to our favorite brands.

Every year in the U.S., some 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies, 700 million Marshmallow Peeps and about 16 billion jellybeans — enough to circle the earth three times — are sold at Easter, according to the National Confectioners Association and Bloomberg News.

So the Bunny has hit the streets, issuing apologies for handing out candy loaded with junk, and the Easter Bunny is doing it with friends like Tom Brady.

They are in action in the clip below:

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Most of us have no idea what PGPR, partially hydrogenated oils and shellac are or why they are in our foods, and it prompted the founder of UNREAL and his 16 year old son to start a company that doesn’t contain the junk.

Their goal is to unjunk their favorite candy by replacing the artificial ingredients with only real ingredients, reducing the sugar, and making it taste just as good at a price point similar to the regular, junked up stuff.

There’s even a new song to go with it “Junk Food Blues.”

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Un-junking food. It’s a trend worth watching.  Wall Street fell in love with Annie’s over  a bowl of mac and cheese. Annie’s shares saw one of the biggest opening day gains in almost a year with the launch of their IPO last year. Why?  Consumers like their mac and cheese which doesn’t contain all of the artificial dyes, artificial growth hormones and other artificial ingredients now found in food today.

Don’t be surprised to see the same thing happen again with this little company or a number of others who have decided to dump artificial ingredients from their products.

Due to skyrocketing rates of food allergies, diabetes and other conditions, people are reading labels.  And we are quickly learning that the food companies have been slipping ingredients we didn’t eat as kids into the products that we did eat as kids.

In light of the escalating rates of disease in our country, this label-reading trend is only going to continue.  The smartest thing the food industry could do to address shareholder concern would be to dump the artificial ingredients from their US products like they have already done with the products they sell overseas.

Americans will spend a total of $17.2 billion this Easter season, according to Bloomberg News. That’s an average of $145.13 per consumer.

It’s time to follow the lead of companies like Annie’s, UNREAL and invest in the health of our country.

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