Symbiont and Templum Forge Partnership to Deliver Smart Securities for the Private Markets

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February 25, 2019

NEW YORKFeb. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Inc., a financial technology company delivering enterprise blockchain solutions, today announced a partnership with Templum Inc, a leading innovative technology company for the private markets. Templum will leverage and embed Symbiont's Assembly as their blockchain and smart contract technology for its regulated, end-to-end solutions for raising capital and secondary trading platform, Templum Markets. Together, Templum and Symbiont are transforming the $3T issuance market of private securities.

"The technology infrastructure Symbiont has built is best in class," said Christopher Pallotta CEO and Co-Founder of Templum. "Symbiont and Templum share a common vision for modernizing private markets. Forging a partnership to combine our innovations in the private markets is a natural next step and a goal we've been working towards for a long time."  

The financial capital markets are in the process of a multi-decade transition, with the rise of digital assets and smart securities. Symbiont and Templum entered this partnership to drive the evolution of the financial markets. The combination of Templum's innovation and thought leadership in private securities technology and regulatory infrastructure, integrated with Symbiont's Blockchain technology will provide global investors with greater access to capital, facilitate the creation of new financial instruments and create new liquidity with unprecedented levels of transparency and security. Together, Symbiont and Templum, have created new market infrastructure for the private markets and smart securities.

"At Symbiont, we take a very disciplined approach to forming partnerships with a focus on solving real problems in the financial markets. We are proud to announce our partnership with Templum, as our two firms are philosophically aligned to reinvent the marketplace for digital assets and smart contracts," said Mark Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Symbiont.

To learn more about the partnership, go to the Digital Asset Report to hear Mark Smith and Templum's Vincent Molinari discuss digital securities, regulations, private markets and more.

About Symbiont

Symbiont has developed the market-leading platform for institutional applications of blockchain technology. Symbiont smart contracts enable complex instruments to live their entire lifecycle on a truly decentralized, enterprise blockchain network with end-to-end privacy. Institutions are working with Symbiont to develop new business lines, increase transparency, reduce risk, and save costs. Industry leaders such as Citi, Nasdaq, Ranieri, Templum, and Vanguard have chosen to partner with Symbiont. Headquartered in New York City, Symbiont is a financial technology company founded by a team of experts in capital markets and blockchain technology.

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About Templum

Templum is a leading innovative technology company focused on the development of new market infrastructure for the digital asset sector, including systems for the initial offering and secondary trading of unregistered securities. Templum is the parent Company of Templum Markets, LLC

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About Templum Markets

Templum Markets, LLC is a broker-dealer registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Templum Markets is the operator of an Alternative Trading System (ATS) for the secondary trading of digital assets that are securities. Templum Markets is transforming the efficiency of the financial markets. Templum Markets, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Templum Inc.  

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