Rome, 22 December 2014 - Following the official approval given by the Rome City Council on September 4th, also the Assemble Capitolina has recognized Stadio della Roma as a project of public interest for the City of Rome.

Representatives of A.S. Roma SPV, LLC and Eurnova expressed their full satisfaction for this important step that recognizes the hard work done - over the past two and a half years, and particularly in the recent months - in collaboration with Mayor Ignazio Marino and his administration in developing this stadium project for the City of Rome, A.S. Roma and the fans.

"Congratulations to all Romans on this historic day. We all look forward to playing in Roma's new stadium”, said AS Roma President Jim Pallotta.

Thanks to a dedicated team of national and international experts, a direct investment worth around 1.2 billion euro will result in a privately financed Stadio della Roma that can create a minimum of 3.000 jobs during the construction phase and at least that many (3.000) during the on-going operations of the complex.

Representatives of A.S. Roma SPV, LLC and Eurnova express their satisfaction for this important achievement and confirm the commitment towards the Italian economy and business environment, considering Stadio della Roma as a
project able to reboot the spirit and energy of the great City of Rome and its citizens.

"We thank Mayor Marino and the entire administration of the city of Rome. We fully embrace this opportunity and pledge our complete and ongoing commitment to bring this very special project to life", commented Mark Pannes, CEO of Stadio della Roma.

Representatives of A.S. Roma SPV, LLC and Eurnova thank the Mayor Marino and his administration for the constant dialogue, the timing of the approval process and the transparency.

Parties confirm the full commitment to continue working with the Institutions, looking at the next approval step with the Regione Lazio. Media, supporters and citizens will be updated regularly about the next steps of the project.

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