Raptor House at SXSW

From March 9th-17th, 2012 Raptor Group transformed Austin's iconic Hotel St. Cecilia into “Raptor House." Raptor Group aimed to capture the same spirit as the organizers of SXSW have done an amazing job cultivating over 20+ years to deliver an experience unrivaled for top level business executives across the music, film & television, e-commerce, gaming, and sports industries.

Raptor House maintained the flavor and energy of Austin for this must-visit week, without the crowds that come with SXSW. While activities throughout the week included everything from a digital music Hack-a-thon hosted by the highest profile of music executives, to a celebration of Singers and Songwriters led by Texas' most successful artists, the focal point was the 1st Annual Disruption Summit on March 13th hosted by Raptor's Chairman Jim Pallotta.  In all there were eight (8) events scheduled across the week that aimed to capture everything Austin and the interactive, film, and music industries had to offer.