Lightkeeper - Best North American Data Visualisation Software Provider

October 10, 2017

Lightkeeper LLC is the leading provider of portfolio intelligence tools to the hedge fund community. Its lightweight, mobile and cost effective software solution allows users to manage and manipulate large portfolio data sets. With Lightkeeper, investment professionals can analyse important information with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen.

The founders of Lightkeeper are seasoned software innovators, having previously conceived, built and sold Tamale Software, the industry standard Research Management Software (RMS) solution acquired by Advent Software in 2008.

Complementing the pedigree of Lightkeeper's founders is a team of experienced development professionals, PhDs and specialists in the areas of mathematics, computer science and economics. Moreover, Lightkeeper has assembled an advisory board comprised of senior executives in asset management, financial software, and the legal communities.

This unique combination of skills and experiences has enabled Lightkeeper to create the world's leading Portfolio Intelligence platform.

As the sheer volume of traditional and non-traditional datasets increases, portfolio managers and traders need cutting edge visualisation tools to ingest and drive insights with as much ease as possible. Lightkeeper certainly does this, displaying key portfolio statistics as interactive charts and tables. Users can easily pivot and drill down into multiple data sources with one click. Lightkeeper's core engine can ingest data from multiple sources: fund administrators, custodians, prime brokers, accountancy firms, as well as a manager's proprietary data. 

From an analytics perspective, users are able to define their own filters within Lightkeeper as well as configure data tables and dynamic views that best suit their internal investment process and workflow. Indeed, the Lightkeeper team works closely with clients on workflow iterations as their business needs evolve. 

Its implementation process is both collaborative and client focused. Lightkeeper partners with each of its clients to create a configurable software solution designed to meet each fund's requirements, as well as those of an individual user. It actively encourages client designed workflows to support intuitive portfolio exploration for investor relations, risk management, and operational processes.

In terms of business growth, 2016 proved to be a record year for Lightkeeper with respect to revenues and overall AUM on the platform. The fourth quarter of 2016 was the firm's strongest. As Lightkeeper CEO, Danny Dias (pictured), commented: "We are encouraged to see increased demand for Lightkeeper within the hedge fund community. Our software solution has helped automate the internal data management, analytics and reporting processes that firms have struggled with for years."

Lightkeeper now has offices in New York, Boston and San Francisco to support its business expansion. To illustrate some of the key developments made over the last 12 months, Lightkeeper has enjoyed 75 per cent seat growth and has USD170 billion in hedge fund AUM on the platform. It has developed a comprehensive investor relations reporting package and introduced three new product releases including Lightkeeper 3.0, to enhance the user experience.

In addition, it has added standard adapters to seamlessly integrate with major administrators, accounting systems, and in-house data-warehouses. 

On winning this year's award, Dias comments: "We are thankful to the team at Hedgeweek and the hedge fund community for recognising Lightkeeper as the leading data visualisation software provider. The industry has quickly adopted the Lightkeeper platform to support their portfolio analytics and reporting processes and we are appreciative of this endorsement." 

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