Is That the AAF in My Security Checkpoint Tray?

Ad Association Aims to Show 'Public Face' With Consumer Campaign in Airports
Advertising Age

The American Advertising Federation is launching the largest-ever advertising campaign in the industry trade group's history, a consumer push consisting of a series of out-of-home ads placed in airports nationwide.

Working with airport media company SecurityPoint Media, which is also a corporate member of the AAF, the campaign, which includes placement inside security trays, will rotate through different airports -- beginning at Newark Liberty International Airport and Denver International Airport.
The aim is to create a public, identifiable brand for the AAF, according to James Edmund Datri, president-CEO. "Unlike the medical profession, which has the AMA, and dentists, who have the ADA, and lawyers, who have the ABA, the advertising industry has no trade group with a truly identifiable brand with the general public," he said. At the same time, having that kind of "public face" is critically important, he added.
"In this increasingly inter-connected world, we are moving into a period where our industry's lack of a 'public face' will put the advertising profession at a disadvantage in relation to others, and we are proactively working to change that by building a truly national brand," said Mr. Datri.
Choosing to place the campaign in airports was a conscious decision by the AAF to reaching millions of people in a high-traffic and high-visibility environment, he said. The AAF campaign is the only one running on the SecurityPoint platform at those airports. There will be other stages and components to the campaign that will roll out in the coming months.

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