Corporate Health Partners and Twine Health Announce

September 11, 2017

KENNESAW, GEORGIA and CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS (PRWEB) September 11, 2017 -- Corporate Health Partners (“CHP”) and Twine Health (“Twine”) announced today the launch of “Omni” virtual coaching for the prevention and management of chronic disease. With Omni, CHP is expanding its expertise in wellness optimization and chronic disease prevention to include management of chronic diseases – such as diabetes and hypertension. CHP is also expanding its care delivery capabilities to include the use of state-ofthe-art mobile applications for employees and health coaches.

Omni is powered by the Twine Employee Health Activation Platform, which has demonstrated unparalleled chronic disease outcome improvements and cost reductions in published studies. The platform is based on health psychology and learning science research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has been successfully deployed across the United States in both rural and urban settings.

CHP serves about 20,000 employees and adult health plan members at 240 work sites in 15 states. The ability to deliver its coaching services to any location without disrupting schedules or requiring travel is a significant advance that allows greater scalability of the organization’s outstanding outcomes, and greater convenience for employees.

“Helping employees manage hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases is an exciting opportunity for Corporate Health Partners to make a real difference in the lives of those we serve,” said Jack Curtis, Founder and CEO of CHP. “Twine technology is helping us move our focus beyond prevention – where we’ve been very successful, to helping workplace clients effectively tackle their chronic diseases and improve their health.”

“Corporate Health Partners and Twine share a deep commitment to empowering individuals in taking an active role in their care and improving the effectiveness of healthcare,” said John Moore, MD, PhD and CEO and founder of Twine Health. “We’re excited to see CHP use the Twine Employee Health Activation Platform to expand on their proven, effective coaching model.”

About Corporate Health Partners Corporate Health Partners (“CHP”), headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia, provides turnkey health and wellbeing programs and face-to-face health coaching at worksites – achieving over 90% participation, sustainable reduction of health risks and over 90% client retention. For more than 15 years, CHP has provided comprehensive, systematic worksite wellness programs by providing experts at the worksite to manage wellness programs and provide high-touch, face-to-face health coaching. Learn more at

About Twine Health The Twine Health cloud-based Employee Health Activation Platform is designed to empower workplace health providers to dramatically improve enrollment, engagement, and outcomes of their programs, leading to significant reductions in healthcare costs. Twine is based on the founder’s six years of research at the MIT Media Lab in health psychology and human-computer interaction. It taps patients’ intrinsic motivations with personalized action plans, and equips care teams with powerful analytics and artificial intelligence to provide more timely and effective care. The Twine platform is used across wellness and disease management programs and is most impactful in improving chronic disease outcomes, having facilitated the largest published impact on hypertension and diabetes to date. Learn more at

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