BNP Paribas and BioBeats Complete Landmark Workplace Stress and Wellness Study with over 550 Employees

October 12, 2016

Building on the success of previous trials with AXA PPP Healthcare, BioBeats, the leader in digital health and artificial intelligence, has completed one of the largest studies on corporate stress and wellness with leading financial services company, BNP Paribas, an AXA PPP Healthcare client.

The academic trial with BNP Paribas is part of BioBeats’ focus on transforming the way organisations use data to help employees understand their health, connect the dots and manage their wellbeing by providing personalised interventions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Ian Mackenzie, Head of Pension & Benefits, BNPP said, “By partnering with BioBeats we are taking the next step on our journey to support our employees’ mental and physical health in an objective, scientific and data-rich way. What’s new is how this programme uses technology to provide actionable insights to help change behaviour, encourage stress management and promote a productive lifestyle.”

The 560 BNP Paribas employees on the pilot wore the Microsoft Band 2 to provide BioBeats with various biometric measurements and data continuously throughout the day. Over 60G of data was gathered and analysed in BioBeats’ unique artificial intelligence engine, making it one of the most robust evidence based studies on employee wellbeing. The scientific findings include perceived/actual stress, links between stress and ruminators, and the outcome of breathing as an intervention. The study was under the independent control of Professor Mark Cropley, University of Surrey.

David Plans, CEO of BioBeats said, “We are trying to solve real problems that can change the world. With the support of BNP Paribas we are progressing on our journey with better data and stronger AI. We believe there is a need for a different kind of approach to manage employees’ wellness and that it will be a key driver to corporate success. In BNP Paribas we found the perfect partner that shares that vision and belief. Looking ahead, we are keen to understand how our solutions will enable employees to make further behavioural changes to help with the long-term management of stress as we roll out this programme to other global enterprises.”

Stress is a major issue for employees and employers alike. Burn out from work has been an inevitable outcome on the path to achieving success. Yet, when we prioritise health and wellbeing, academic evidence proves performance increases and 70% of preventable chronic diseases can be reduced making large savings to healthcare spending and insurance claims.

About BioBeats

BioBeats is a digital health and artificial intelligence company that specializes in creating easy-to-use corporate and personal wellness solutions. Its world-class team of scientists and designers includes renowned experts in AI, machine learning, wearables, cloud solutions and theoretical computer science. BioBeats solutions, based on years of research, provide insights into individual health and wellbeing by tracking data from wearable and smartphone sensors. Biometric and psychometric feedback is combined with unique machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized stress and productivity management tools based on clinically proven coaching techniques.

Following the launch of its consumer-facing app Hear and Now (recently featured in Apple App Store’s Best New Apps, April 2016), the team now provides tools to foster wellness at scale, with bespoke corporate versions in active deployment. The company’ s corporate offering provides solutions to help employees privately control their own wellness through the use of wearables and data-driven coaching.


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